Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Scrap-Tastic Weekend!

Last Saturday all my scraps came out to play!  OK Not all of them, but two bins full of scraps were dumped on the floor for everyone to play in for a mini retreat weekend with close pals.
Even Jenny Egg wade her way into them...
Encyclopedia did very well in the scrap pile. YAY E!.

Ok, Lisa (the red headed mermaid) did too.. But who could resist??

I made sure everyone had scrap time, and anything that came out of the pile, was not allowed to return to the pile!  hehe! Margaret did pretty well!

Everyone was working on a variety of projects.  Andrea had scrap's galore!

Lisa's Bright Lights Big City quilt is taking shape! Pattern is in my book, Double Wedding Rings: Traditions Made Modern
Laughter was shared, food and ice cream was consumed... 

Babies were snuggled...

And doggies, too!

Helen had a lot of love for Jenny Egg, who was so jealous the baby in the room...

A whole lot of scrappy fun was had by all.  Make time for your friends...Life is to short not too.


  1. Oh! C'est magique chez vous. Et c'est beau tout ce qu'on peut faire avec des petits bouts de tissus. Tout ça le temps de 4 ou 5 photos, Bravo!

  2. You all look to be having such a great time and what a lot of lovely scrap pieces! I have just been going through your book again ready to work on Bright Lights Big City so was very interesting to see the pieces from Linda. Lovely to see Helen having a cuddle with Jenny Egg - I intend using some of the Manhattan subway fabric in Bright Lights, she sent it to me when we had a scrap swap on 15 Minutes Play.

    1. Let me know when you need more NYC fabric! Helen

  3. How can you just not love a scrap party? Looks like it was a great time. Just love diving in scraps and making something new and unique!

  4. Oh! So many gorgeous quilts coming out of that play time!

  5. Looks like so much fun! Just one warning! If you let your dog (or car) play in your scraps, make sure she doesn't decide to eat any scraps, they can kill her. The threads in the fabric may not be digested and may tangle themselves up and around her intestines causing obstructions, which will lead to all kinds of dire consequences. It will cause severe pain, require extensive surgery, and even with surgery might cause death.
    Otherwise I'm totally in favor of everything in this post!

  6. Of course, I meant to say (or cat)! I don't think your car will suffer from playing in your scraps, your scraps, on the other hand, will never be the same!


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