Friday, October 23, 2015

New products! Market 2015

Quick pics! More to come!!  
Above my "Family Album" quilt, using MOSTLY MANOR!  Getting the booty set up at Marcus... Booth 1022
These photos for Marcus are quilts made with my acrylic templates found at my website:

Below:  these below projects are made with my New Sizzix dies!  More posts will come! Wanted to quickly share the goods! 
Booth 213 at market booth 217 at festival 


  1. oh! I love the last one! See you at the Quilt Festival! Karen

  2. What a feast of colour and super quilts - thanks for sharing these.

  3. Wow! Your quilts look amazing! Enjoy the festival.

  4. Love that starburst/lone star variation!

  5. Your Family album quilt looks fabulous!! Your new range looks to be full of gorgeous fabrics :0)


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