Sunday, October 11, 2015

Home again, home again.

Well! The "Sizzix, Jenny Doan and Victoria F W" retreat was so much fun!!  We made so many new friends, stayed up nice and late, sewed to our heart delight, and may have been a little teary saying good bye to all. 

40 lovely ladies, (many of them drove from all parts of the country, (CA, Utah, Florida, Minnesota, Atlanta, Colorado, NY, Mo, etc) had there creative magic flowing for four days. 

They learned to piece the Double wedding ring, full melon version using Sizzix products, and watching all the varieties take shape inspired me, for sure! Ideas were flying, as well as fabric! 

We made fabrics 15 minute style, talked about color, and shopped of course! 

Those who do not know, Missouri Star Quilt Co, is a quilt shop that takes up many stores of main st of Hamilton, Missouri.  Each store front, has a different Style of fabric! The solid store, the seasonal store, the reproduction store etc. It sure is a lot of fun to walk around and admire all that beautiful fabric! (Admire = buy) right? 
Hard not too. 

Everyone jumped in and had fun trying new techniques and learning to sew their curves!

Besides double wedding rings, we made    
Stuffed pumpkins and stuffed toys from parts of the double wedding ring! 

The pumpkins are made from my Sizzix Fully Melon die! Adorable!

These were made using my TULIP die (for the front) and Full Melon for the back, from Sizzix! So much fun! Aren't they adorable??

And Linda from Sizzix was teaching the kidgiddy Sizzix die doll! 

So much creativity all in one place, made for delightful days at MSQC! 

We had lectures and perhaps a polyester fashion moment... 

Jenny Doan talking about her Sizzix dies & templates which fit charm packs and layer cakes.

I guess I talk a lot with my hands... :-) shot from the added public class on DWR's. 

So great to see friends, play in fabric and laugh... 
...and laugh, and laugh...

Linda from Sizzix, and I after taking a stroll to purchase hand pies from the Amish farmers market... Nice big smiles! Mmmm! Thanks retreaters!! We had so much fun playing with all of you!!


  1. I'm amazed at all the variations, beautiful, and the dolls, I must find out more!

  2. thanks Victoria for the pictures and post. I'm so use to viewing pictures on facebook i kept trying to LIKE each pic, so i want you to know I LIKED all of your photos...and i pinned some of the fancy blocks to my melons and curves board for future inspiration. i am committed to finishing the quilting on my UFOs before starting a new quilt. if you believe that i've got this ocean front property........

  3. The little vegetables and gnomes are beyond cute!! what a fab idea!! They could be cute Father Christmas, tree decorations!


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