Monday, June 29, 2015

VA, TN, NC....

So beautiful!! The drive has been amazing. I won't mention how bummed I was that quilt shops are not open on Sunday's, and Monday's... So I have not spent much! :-) We drove from Nyc to Salem, VA on Saturday, then Sunday to Asheville, to see the Biltmore Mansion and to check out the town! Adorable. We also had a great meal at Rhubarb. Yummy.

Warning: there will be many lovely adjectives attached to this post... 

Beatrice and I decided to buy this place. It's our new house. Do you like it? 
33 of my close personal friends can come visit at once.. 
Haha! I think they could have great sewing retreats at the Biltmore Mansion. 

Ok. Maybe not. 

We drove through the Smoky Mountains on the way from Asheville to Cattanooga. Amazing!! 

Gorgeous lake Ocoee... I wanted to jump in, but I bet it's not very warm... 
Day lilies outside Asheville... Love that color!! 

By late Sunday we arrived at my friend Mary's loft. This is near her! The Chattanooga ChooChoo! Yes, we broke out in song when we saw it... 

Mary is a awesome quilter... Here's a coupe hanging in her home. One of my great pals I've made from following each others blogs from way back... 

While here, we called up bad ass quilter herself, Maddie and Flaun. We popped over to their shop and I did a bit of damage... And left with some BQS bling...  What did I buy? Jennifer Paganelli prints and... 

...a Sam Hunter pattern and fabrics to make this bag, requested by my one and only...

We also had some quilter peeps over to visit and I can tell you this is one fun bunch!! So nice to meet you all! Pictured: Margo,  Joan, Mary, me, Audrey, Vista, Melody, Kathy and Ann.
These ladies knew how to have fun! 

Thanks Mary for letting us stay with you! So nice to catch up!! It was so nice!! 

Next up, we drive to New Orleans Tuesday morning! 


  1. Ah you will be passing thru Baton Rouge I see. Wave when you get here! For lunch try middendorf's thin fried catfish just outside New Orleans.. One of my favorite places to eat.

    1. Waving indeed!! It will be quite early when we drive through on Friday, heading to Lola pink fabrics to say hi. 10:30am

  2. Your auto correct is having a field day, but I get the picture. I am coming to the first retreat you hold in your new mansion for sure. Enjoy the trip!

    1. Its been challenging with wifi and organizing a post via iPhone... Hope to do better.

  3. Woohoo! My neck of the woods, NC :o) Enjoy!!!

  4. Your trip looks totally FAB thus far and meet-ups are always super sweet!!!! I'm totally bummed that I will miss your Harlingen, TX, stop (as I/we are "Winter Texans" there, otherwise, we call S.E. MN {due West of LaCrosse,WI} our home!). Will be following along in the shadows!!!!! Great post!!!!!

  5. I'm waving as you pass through Alabama!

  6. What beautiful scenery. (It disconcerts me seeing views from the "wrong" side of the road!!). I think retreats at the Biltmore would be perfect - go on, buy it!!

    1. Ha! You are a Brit, right? Love all the hand work at your blog.

  7. I love road trips! Thank you for sharing the wonderful photos. I'm going to check out that quilt shop in Chattanooga next time we get down to Tennessee.

    1. We've been having such a nice time!! Enjoying every minute!


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