Saturday, May 23, 2015

new lights!

I've had these Tord Boontje lights hanging over my island since we renovated our house in 2004. Although I love them, I never felt like they had enough OOMPFH! to really pop the room. 
This past market trip to Minneapolis, meant I hit a few of my favorite eating places, and shopping places and I found these Kantha Lamp shades, and thought, Hey! Those are kind of FUN!
So three of them came home with me in my suitcase!

As soon as I go tot my house , I immediately set to work on taking down the metal lace around my bulbs, and installing the shades... Then with the help of my hubby, (and since I am the tallest) I had to get up and try to figure out how they would hang, while Hubby snapped photos to see what we liked...
And yes, It' s along flowy, comfy dress, kind of day!

So, after I got them hung, and happy with them, I thought...

"Now what do I do with the fancy metal garland?"

First I have to untangle them... no small feet....

 And I had the cute birds stuck in the lights before, so... they can't go to waste....

 Answer?  Use the garland as cord covers...
and put the birds back where they belong...


OK. Now I think I need a nap...

...before I clean up my basement...

blah. good deed around the house, at a time...


  1. Love them, really nice art for the space, instead of boring lights.


  2. Yea! Really fun. Anthropologie? or did you make them?

  3. Your house looks lovely with those fun lights.

  4. Wow your lights are very different. Someone went to alot of trouble to quilt them, very a kitchen.....that was a great idea,

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Auto correct. Ugh. They look amazing! What a job
    Hanging them! Adds some beautiful color to your lovely

  7. When I first saw the picture I thought you had made them, they are so you.

  8. Now those lights are soooo much more you!!! Good choice!!THey look fantastic!

  9. I really like the way you repurposed the garland and bird to cover the cords. Great looking lamps. well done VFW. 😜


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