Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Why procrastinate?

First! The winner of the last post is : Bev kwiltpharm! Congrats Bev!!

What's up over here? Well, this week has been super busy.. not just with my own work stuff, but school events, Hubby's work events etc... So I've been going all day all night.

So today, I'm packing for my trip to the International Quilt Study Center! To see my DWR quilts, teach, lecture at the Symposium and just have loads of fun! Hope to see some of you there...

But packing... let's talk about that for a moment... I started very early this morning, thinking I could get it done really quick. But can I tell you? I can procrastinate packing and make a two hour job turn into 9 hours?  Sheesh! I am the worst at packing... Although I can get 10 other projects done, in that time...

For instance:

One: The above photo signature blocks... Yes, many of you have asked how is that project going... Well, they are slowing coning along... I have to square them up, trim them down, and well... check out how many I have!  I am trying to square a few up each day... ( see top photo)

Two:  Sleeves... I have two quilts that need sleeves, three need labels, one needs to be shipped today.
So I've conquered most of that already...

Three, four and five: Binding... Finished this quilt below, another cancer quilt being sent off. running to UPS shortly...

Six:  Bank.. I've been putting that off all week, I might as well go today, because I don't have anything else to do... (PACKING!!)

Seven:  Emails, I could do this at the airport too, and just get my suitcases packed.... or pack, then do emails...

Eight: rearrange classroom.  Yes, because that needs to be done today, (NOT)

Nine: party planning for my hubby's upcoming birthday... this is clearly stuff I can do on the airplane, or even at the airport... I should be packing!

Ten: blog post, FB'ing, Instagraming, heck, just going out for a walk, it's gorgeous outside...

But, I had to stop and Blog because I had to post my winner!

See! One must procrastinate to get stuff done.

That's my story, and I'm sticking to it...

Now I will go pack.


First, I will go ship the fabulous quilt off to someone who needs some love and support.

That's so much better then packing...

just saying.

Thanks for all your support...



  1. Love this post, I think we can all relate on some level. Like right now, I should be unpacking boxes, or emptying the dishwasher, or driving to my studio.... and here I am, commenting on your blog! Have a fabulous trip to NE

  2. I should be sewing, doing yardwork, doing the dishes, doing laundry, but no! In the evenings I sit and watch episodes BBC's Top Gear that I have never seen and do the previous mentioned during the commercials. I don't get much done! It took me two weeks to pack for QuiltCon and only a couple of days to pack when I went to GA to visit my sister. Maybe I got faster? I guess I need to go somewhere more often! Have a wonderful trip!

  3. procrastination...... let say like going to the grocery store. well i can't_______ cause i need to go grocery shopping or no_______for me cause it's grocery day and i wish i could_______but we're out of food so i must go to the grocery. ( for me sewing could be placed in all the blanks!!!) Victoria at least you're DOING. i'm not because i have to go the grocery.

  4. How productive we would all be is we procrastinated like you do. You go girl!

  5. Hey Victoria!! That's my block on top of the stack! In fact, both "Peggys" are in our guild. It brings back such great memories of your presentation to our central Wisconsin guild. We hold your visit up as the best possible presention/event. You are a warm and engaging gal and hold a special place in all our hearts. Thanks for all you do and the enthusiasm and joy that you put into your teaching and your creations.

  6. I know all about procrastinating - just finished e-filing my taxes a few minutes ago! Should have finished by now, but there's always something more interesting to do (like quilting!). I saw your quilts at the Empire show recently; they are beautiful. I never got around to sending you a block; can I send one now or is it too late?

  7. I hope you are having a fun trip. I stopped here to say, clearly you are starting the packing at the wrong time, it is best to leave it to the last minute so you can enjoy all those other things without guilt.

  8. Interesting! What you describe is EXACTLY what happens whenever I try to get stuff ready for the CPA so we can get our taxes done! Thus, we had to get an extension - again this year. And today, what am I doing? Checking email and blog-hopping.

  9. That is exactly how I behave when it's time to clean house.. I find many things that are fascinating and for which I suddenly have loads of energy (usually quilt related). Have fun in Nebraska!


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