Monday, January 26, 2015



I've had an amazing 10 days here in Tokyo! Where do I even begin??

I'll start backwards!!! The last three days I was teaching two hour workshops, three times a day at the JUKI booth, on the show floor! The entire booth was covered in my work.... Quite an honor! The stadium was packed each day! Look at the sea of people!!
My littlest visitor, above, was so sweet!!!!
 Kim and I selfi-ing, over the sea of people!
(I'm a little deer-in-the-headlights!)
 The Big Winners!! 
More images will follow, I only got on line, only computer the day before the end of our trip!!

The Theme for the show was Little House on the Prairie... They did an amazing set up including a log cabin, teepee, and covered wagon, all the props were made from fabric as well...

 The scope of the dome!

 I met Keiko Goke at the Show, and of course have many new fabrics! She is so lovely, I can't wait to show you all the fabrics I brought home!

The JUKI booth and my quilts could be seen clear across the floor!!  Sorry the images are not great, I had to snatch them from my FB page!  Slow connection for uploading...

 Early last week, I taught two 15 Minutes of Play Classes, and two Strings of Florid Blooms DWR classes.... I had an amazing classroom, where I could hang everything up. the room was FULL of color! The students did amazing work, many of whom brought their pieces back completed for me to see them... These are just from the class, unfinished...

Blowfish season! I do love sushi... I ate it everyday for 9 days straight... Including three days of Blowfish made many different ways... Above left, is.... prepare yourself...  Boiled Blowfish skin, with soup added, which then congeals and you eat the cubes cold...  Yep. And it was quite good. Fried Blowfish was most excellent! Raw blowfish, pretty good too, with scallions and ginger....
mmm, good fresh fish!!

Working at the Juki Booth, on my little station, with Video screens and microphone, really added to a surreal rock star moment... LOL, Enjoy the Video... We were having way to much fun with it all!

Thank you JUKI, and JHIA for having me to to Tokyo!!! It was an amazing trip, and It's so much fun to see the entire JUKI staff, holding up my Playful scrap handbags!!  haha!  

Arigatou Gozaimasu!!

Currently, we were meant to fly home today, but we are stuck here til Wednesday due to the snowstorm in NY...
I will see many of you Saturday in Vero Beach, Florida!!!  Please come!!


  1. Wow!! Looks like an amazing trip!! Safe travels home!

  2. What an event! Have a safe trip home!

  3. Good place to be stuck, I hope you get to enjoy some of the sights while you are waiting to come home.


  4. I have enjoyed following your adventures. That is so cool. I know you had tons of fun and got to meet lots of interesting people. Hope you get home without issue and then to Florida for the next round. be sure to put in some "me" time so you can rest.

  5. the most amazing piece of art work of all is that gorgeous little sweetheart who came to visit you in photo one. LOVE HER!!

  6. Fantastic! I loved Japan so much. So good you did too!

  7. Also KEIKO GOKE!! Love her fabrics! The quilt I made that won two awards at different shows used her fabric. I should find her blog and send her a photo and thank her!

    1. What a totally amazing trip!!
      I am green with envy, that others will see you in Vero Beach - my stomping grounds... however we are now back in the mountains. We were there for the holidays, and will go back the first of March - bleh!! Bad timing on my part!! Enjoy the warmth and the sun!

  8. What a spectacular experience - so happy for you to have the chance to be part of the amazement of it all. And a picture with Keiko Goke, probably a total fan-girl moment like when I posed with you at Quilt Market Houston! See you soon at QuiltCon.

  9. Sounds like a wonderful experience for you! Congratulations! What a cute picture with everyone holding the scrap handbags!

  10. Your booth and quilts are fabulous! Always nice to see you. I was supposed to go to Quilt Beach, but was ill and decided not to infect everyone. (I heard great things about it, and you though). So glad to have met you in Orlando.


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