Saturday, January 17, 2015

Hello Japan!

My Friend Kim and I arrived in Tokyo last night, easy peasy!  We are off to explore a few places today, before all the fun starts with classes tomorrow!

I'm not really looking for new fabrics, I seem to have quite enough of that, but I recvd a  list of things to search for from my daughter this morning... haha!
Fun Japanese candy, anything Harajuku cute, (that will look good with leggings...) etc. etc.
Such a teenager, right? hehe!

I will have fun shopping for her.
Today though, I am most excited about getting out and enjoying some sunshine to get me adjusted to the time difference.

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Just FYI: If you are looking for my new dies, Some of the dies are marked out of stock.. All will be back in stock soon. Items are in port, and waiting shipment... Please just keep checking the Sizzix website. Items sold out fast! And out of my control. Just passing on the info. Items can also be requested at your local quilt shop if you are looking for them, Ask your LQS to order them for you.
There is also a store locator on the website. link here. to check locally...

Also, A bit later I will have these items in stock myself and on my website... Currently, I need to be home long enough to get them added. LOL.... never enough time in the day.

Separately, All the pre-ordered books have been shipped! YAY!
 I was home one day after the books arrived,(home long enough to pack and ship out the orders!) and I shipped out over 250 books. If I made an error, as I am likely to have done on a couple, I will fix it as soon as I return from Japan. I am truly sorry in my rush to please. If I mistyped an address or two, I, of course will take care of it as soon as I am home. I am sorry for the delay.

 Please note any other orders, as listed on the website, placed after the 16th, will not be shipped until I return on Feb 2nd. I apologize for the delay. 
I am one woman, I can do only my best. Please forgive me.

If you are pleased with your book, please leave a book review on Amazon, goodreads, or (when book released on amazon) I really appreciate it.  If you are not pleased, please let me know as well. Again, I try my best, and I am happy to have the feedback.

Off to Explore Tokyo. Wish me luck!


  1. Good luck! I hope your Japan experience satisfies!

  2. I loved Japan so much, and I am positive you will as well!

  3. Enjoy Japan and the Quilt show. A few ladies from our quilt group are also attending so I hope they manage to bump into you!


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