Sunday, December 7, 2014

My little Wins!

Here are my Quilt Alliance INSPIRED BY Wins! 
You may recall I listed that my quilt was selling last week on ebay for the Quilt Alliance's fundraising auction...
 I bought these three little works, as they all made me smile...
I Just love Margaret's Hexagons... her inspiration quilt for her quilt is shown here.

 The hand work On Michele's is just so lovely it makes me think of my grandmother's hand work. Her inspiration quilt was actually the same as the next quilt that I bought!

Jodi's Modern Mini, the colors just felt like summer to me... Had to have it... Her inspiration quilt is here.

I'm starting to think about my NEXT contest 
quilt for the Quilt Alliance!
It's a fun theme!!!

Will you join in? 
Maybe I can then buy yours!!

All the info you need is HERE.

...and just maybe it will have Miss Jenny Egg's FACE on it!

What will be on yours??

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