Wednesday, December 3, 2014

home, but...

We had a lovely time with out family in Seattle!
Sunday, Michael and Beatrice flew home, and I flew down to Orange County, CA...
I pulled the RAIN along with me from Seattle!

Above, clouds over Old Orange... The Cloudy amazing skies in CA were a joy to those who needed rain desperately! I was happy it was WARMISH...

I had a part of a day to PLAY, and went to visit my friend Jamie Fingal. Love her work, and was so excited to just visit her studio!  My head was spinning with ideas... I wanted to just sit right down and sew...  We ventured out a bit, to hit a few antique stores...

Thought I'd pick up a few clever Xmas gifts....
Would you want this under your tree?  (or on your bed??)

Or perhaps this one?


 I cleverly ended up bringing home a few gifts for myself! HA! love that when that happens... A beautiful bowl, and a plastic angel for my retro tree...

 I then spent a day shooting videos at Sizzix, That was so fun!  What a great place to play!

I got home Tuesday night, I'm home today to unpack, wash clothes, and repack, 

to catch a flight to Orlando tomorrow for a two day workshop with the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild!  FUN!!!
That will be the last trip of the year...
(for quilty things anyway!  London at the end of the month, for family and fun!) WOOT WOOT!

You thought that was a crazy schedule... wait til you hear January's schedule...
 things will calm down...then.
I hope.


  1. Victoria I've been impatiently waiting for your visit to Orlando!!!! We have warm weather and excited students ready for you ;-))). See you soon. Safe travels my friend!

  2. My goodness you are keeping busy! Have a wonderful trip to Orlando!


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