Thursday, October 23, 2014

Dies: Pushing a bit further...

Once I start to play I want to do MORE with my dies than the obvious. Here I took the wave die, and experimented with how I use my Sizzix WAVE die.

By using my die to cut other shapes depending on how I lay the fabric on the die, 
I was able to make this quilt.

I had a lot of fun playing on the quilting. I used it as an opportunity to practice my free motion only hand quilter fusion long arm machine.  Practice, Practice, Practice! (fabrics are Kathy Doughty's of Material Obsession. LOVE THEM, (order through AU shops only)

Adding in some hand work details.... Love it.

The possibilities are endless... What else can you do with your templates and dies?

Using only my FULL melon shape, I cut out full pieces of Cherrywood Fabrics, then made bias tape, and machine stitched them down onto precut squares... WA-LA! Super fast and easy darling DWR!  (finished quilting image coming soon!) 

Again manipulating the FullMelon Die above, to cut my pieces in halves, to show off some fabulous Kona Cottons, on this sweet baby boy quilt.

Full Melon Die
Tulip Die,
and Concave square of the DWR....
playing playing....

I cut up a vintage postage stamp quilt I had that was falling apart, and saved the good bits... next...

I added my WAVE die to cut pieces for a border... except instead of flip flopping them to make the curvy wave, I set them all the same way up... I now have a scalloped border...

I hit my scrap bins and shirtings to find as many different yellows as I could that worked so nicely with the vintage fabrics...

I cut extra yellow on the wave die but squared one end off so I could easily join them together to make the border...

I added lace around my DWR section, so I could easily turn overly raw edge, as I had done on the TULIP quilt, a few posts back... Machine straight stitched it on to my background.
Super Sweet Vintage baby quilt. Using all Four dies in one quilt--Super fast to cut out, fast to join...
My work here is done.

...And fresh of the long arm... My Christmas quilt. Using MADE Christmas FABRIC in the FULL melons, I  to cut my shapes using the FUL MELON die. Then some bright happy Kona Solids.... and I found that by adapting the FULL melons (by adding a free and red strip across the end) to make the STARS/Poinsettias! Cute!

Close up  to see what I did... weeeeee!

I'm having waaaaay to much fun playing with these...
I'm off to Houston...

Videos and fun Market and festival posts to come!


  1. wow guess I need to put this on my Christmas list a Sizzex machine and lots of dies!
    so impressed with all the quilts you have made using it I love the postage stamp one, hope you saved the other bits from that you could whip up a little quilt using them :)
    I see so many possibilities with that melon shape, wow!!!!!
    have fun at market….lots of IG pictures please!

  2. opps Sizzix machine and the red and green is awesome too forgot to say I love the snowman peeking out, its great, LOVE that quilt, red and green and snowman its like you made the quilt for me :)

  3. Its great to see all the variations you were able to make with just a few shapes!

  4. V - Am completely blown away by your creativity and ability to think outside the box! All of this is gorgeous! I have some treasured pieces of Kathy Doughty's line. Am saving for when I have time for a specific quilt I have in mind. Have fun in Houston!

  5. Amazing! The possibilities seem endless!

  6. I'm in awe of your creativity, ambition and not the least your energy! Ah, to be young. :-)

  7. Love your dies and can't wait to get them. I love those fabrics too. Mine are gestating:)

  8. They are all beautiful. The first one plays with my eyes. In someways it reminds me of the paper garlands kids make in grade school at Christmas time......well......when I was in grade school at least. Kids probably don't do such mundane things now. That sure dates me! :-)

  9. You are moving at warp speed!! And they all look good.

  10. LOVING the bright greens with the xmas red :)


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