Thursday, September 4, 2014


Playing in Miniatures!

Next week I will be tacking the Miniatures class at Quilting Live in Atlanta.  I have so much fun with these!  Perhaps you saw the Miniatures challenge last year at 15 Minutes Play?
SEE pics here

Yesterday I made up two new ones for class samples. The two little quilts below... They are so fun to make, addicting, if I can say so!
Using your solids is the way to go with these babies... These are 12" finished size quilts.

I'm also doing a quilt walk/talk of the new DWR exhibit I organized for the Show! Come by at 1pm next Friday Sept 12th, at Quilting LIVE!

Also! The Quilt Alliance Contest INSPIRED BY.... quilts will be on display! Be sure to swing by and hear Jodie Davis talk about them and see how amazing they are! Times listed below.


  1. I am CRAZY for your mini's...each one is modern, yet very traditional looking. You are doing it again!! ;-)

  2. Oh Victoria I love your mini's if you tire of them would be happy to add one to my wall of little quilts :)
    your right I love the solids something I really need to start playing with and using

  3. great miniatures! I've made many myself, and I agree that solids make them very striking. gotta get back to making those!

  4. These are so cute... and look, I've got a little heap of solid scraps on the sewing table. Clearly it's time to make another mini! I might even attempt feathers.

  5. Those minis have great appeal....... I will store that idea away as I might have to try some myself.

  6. My favorite is the one with the light colored background. So pretty!

  7. love the minis, since buying your book I save all my scraps! must do something with them

  8. Can I pout? I am having surgery Monday and can't make it this year! Have fun and say hi to all for me, especially Mark Lipinski- I am one of the Cupcake crew that made the cupcake quilt. Oh well, there is always next year!


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