Friday, August 29, 2014

mama's new bag.

A few days left of summer! We head back to NYC on Monday morning.   Where does the time go?
I was working on a cute ORANGE quilt, (FAV COLOR!!) What's yours?
and had this big pile of orange scraps left over....

Meanwhile, I also sent the hubby to the store to get some groceries, where we have to take our own shopping bags... One of the bags, was a red wide handle fabric bag, and I thought, "How easy it would be to make one and adjust to make its little deeper and make extra cute by adding in all the ORANGE SCRAPS from my orange quilt.  And line it to make it reversible and easy to clean...." hmmmmm.......

I also thought, How sassy and cute it would be to get home to NYC to go grocery shopping with my NEW grocery bag!  Well.....

I made the bag... super cute!

 Made it reversible... fabulous...

And ran up stairs to show Beatrice how cute it was...

....She came out of her room, and said....


hahah! Looks like Boo has a new bag!

So. I'm back to the studio,
 to make a few more modifications (a phone and metro card pocket) to the NEW BAG, 
and will make ME one!


Good thing I have more ORANGE SCRAPS!!!

When I get home to NYC,  I'll add the pattern as a pdf freebie...... it's Easy peasy... 
stay tuned.


  1. wow! she's really grown! great bag!

  2. Great bag - and it looks simple enough I could even make one! Unless you're taking requests ... LOL

  3. Looking forward to the pattern, I really like that bag.

  4. Haha! Kids! Love B's new bag.

  5. Cute as can be! My fav color is orange too. Close by are lime and yellow, the ultimate 70's colors ;)

  6. Love your/Beatrice's new bag! The turquoise lining is fanulous with the orange bag!

  7. Great looking bag a love how you used the scraps. Stores charge $.25 for a bag here. I put my keys in a bag so I don't forget one. Boo looks like a very nice young gal.

  8. lol Ain't that always the way?!!! But gosh, who could resist that smile?! Adorable. Payment in full, Mom!
    It is a cute bag tho, love love orange and turquoise together : )

  9. Great bag, and it looks simple enough even for me to make! I'll be watching for the tutorial.

  10. Ahem....This "mama" could use a new bag, too. ;-)

  11. That is a fun bag and of course she would want it, lol. My daughter is older but she always wants me to make her things. Time for me to start trying some bags, like the idea of making my own and maybe some guy ones for my husband;)


  12. Love this bag, Victoria! Can't wait for the pattern. Beatrice is looking so mature! Oh, and my favorite color is orange, too.

  13. where has Boo gone and who is that elegant young woman in those photos ?! OMG !!! what a fabulous smile and laughing eyes

  14. Love it!! Your Beatrice certainly has good taste!!


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