Monday, July 14, 2014

Where now...

Where now, Brown cow?

I'm back in Kansas!  Now, I'm in Lawrence, about to do two lectures and a workshop.  I have a nice hotel room with a separate sitting area, so I moved right in, to get a few things done...  Had a few brilliant ideas while driving,and I hate missing out capturing the creative electricity created when you get a fun idea! Must act on it immediately!  Well, maybe not immediately, or I'd be sewing on the shoulder of the freeway....

I had a lovely time in St. Louis! (thimble and thread quilt guild.) MEMORABLE that is for sure! "A FIRST" happened...
I gave my lecture last Friday night, and I'm about 20 minutes into it...I notice a woman sort of slump in her be safe,  I ask if a doctor is in the house and two nurses run over to check on her.. 

Now, my pals who know me, and who have heard my lecture, like to joke, that I give people heart attacks when I start talking about cutting Quilt tops up... so, I thought, wow... What Have I done!  Well, I can say, the local EMT's were there in a  jiffy, swept her up and off to the hospital...We heard later, it was a food allergy. She was discharged and home before we finished our meeting.  
Wow...that was a first... 
I am so glad she is fine, and that I didn't really contribute to that! What a trooper she was... Glad she's better!  I believe she was also thanked for bringing in 5 hunky EMT's...  ;-) she smiled and waved as she was rolled out...

I then had to pick right back up and keep on going... 
I started going Full Speed Ahead to try to make up time, and my friend Edie, took this picture of me... (below)

She is convinced that this is my only speed...

My friend Kevin H, of Kevin the quilter, came to the lecture and the Workshop. I asked him if he'd bring along his version of my Star Splitter Quilt! here they are! It's so fun to see how other people riff on your own designs... It's such an honor to see it... Thanks Kev!

Driving back from St. Louis to Kansas, I had a day to take my time. so I hit every antique ship on 1-70 as I could... I picked up a few goodies along the way, including a few new vintage sundresses...

...and, quilt tops, and finished quilts!!  check out this string pieced apple core top... so up my alley! right? I had to bring it home... Found some screaming deals on unique quilts... QUILT JOY!

Here's a bit of the student work from the St. louis class...  Fun scrappy houses, Dresdens are always popular... and even some large star tops already in progress! A great group, and I'm so pleased to have spent the day with the guild! Thanks Thimble & Thread Quilters!!

So today and tomorrow,  Kaw Valley Quilt Guild!  Come on over tonight or tomorrow morning for the lecture.......

Wednesday I head to Naperville, IL to the Pride of the Prairie Quilt Guild! July 17-18th

Then Saturday July 19th, I head to Syracuse for Quilting By the Lake!  I still have a few spots in my classes, if you want to come pop in!
I'm also doing a Lecture on July 24th at 2pm, ( My 15 year Wedding Anniversary!!!   haha! oops.)
I can't wait, we are going to have so much fun! Come PLAY!!!

Come see the QBL quilt show, and vendors!


  1. Starting to pack now for QBL! I confess to being a bit nervous about living in a dorm for 6 days and being able to catch on in class.

  2. My mom was raised in Lawrence, Kansas. I've never been there, but hope to go someday and work on Family History. It's nice to know there are some good quilting options to check out, too :)

  3. Looking forward to seeing you this Thursday in Naperville. Oops! I haven't made my signature block yet.

  4. It was so much fun having you in St. Louis! You loosened up quite a few of the traditional types and further inspired others. From your photos I can see that quite a bit got accomplished after I had to leave early. Can't wait to see the new book!

  5. I believe you do move at the speed of light.

    I'm glad that your student is OK. I also had a student taken from class by ambulance; her hip replacement failed and she couldn't straighten her hip to stand up or walk.

  6. Good for you for sorting out your student and not just assuming that she would be ok! I am glad you are able to get some sewing done on the road and I bet you are meeting lovely people as you go.

  7. Glad to hear your student is ok. We had a fellow come up to the beverage stand last week at the art museum and say "I need a bottle of water! My girlfriend is passing out!" He tried to hand me a five dollar bill, but I handed him the water and I said go! Just go! There was lots of museum staff around so I asked them to get a hold of security to check on her. It turned out she had given blood and skipped lunch. She was up and walking later on and was overwhelmed by all the strangers who fussed over her.

    Next time on one of your long road trips you might have to haul a generator so you could stop by the side of the road and sew just in case!


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