Saturday, July 26, 2014


I'm home!
I reached my house on long island at 11am today. and I won't be budging from here until we go to St. Andrews by the sea, New Brunswick, Canada, to see my brother-in-law's family in a few weeks.


It was an amazing trip! I enjoyed every second of it. I do love to drive, and franklyI  do my best work driving, thinking, singing along loudly to the music...   I have a new idea for a interesting quilt... But I can't get off the patio couch today... I am going for a massage tomorrow, as long as they don't touch my foot!  ( yes, my ow-ie foot)

While in St. Louis, I opened up the back of my "packed to the brim" car, and out fell a full case of my books, corner of the box, pointing down at the top of my foot...  Instantly had a goose egg on top of my foot, but it was pretty OK until this past week...

Now she hurts.  So I shall take my foot to twee the doc. ;-)

The trip was very eventful!
They say things go in threes, right?
So first, the poor dear who had the allergy episode in my lecture...
Second was breaking my foot, 
and three, the guy who crashed on I80, in front of me...

But all is well. 
and I am home.
And I had an amazing trip.

I just came home from Quilting by the lake where I taught for 5 days. It was WONDERFUL!!!!
Do try to get up there and take some classes, one July.... I hope to come back in 2016... I enjoy being in NY state teaching for 5 days, and having the same students to work with them through their entire projects...

I had amazing roommates, fellow teachers, Ann Johnston, and Elizabeth Busch.   
Amazing women with great talent...

My week started off with my 15 Minutes of Play class...(Monday-Tuesday)  I usually do this as a full day class, with loads of techniques...Here I had two days to get down and dirty with the students.  They were a super group who produced a huge amount of work in two days. See the pics below.

I prefer longer classes when teaching. I don't like being rushed, or I feel like I can't get you all the info I want you to have.... But 14 hours... That's when the fabric really flies...

I'll post more about QBL, later this week, when I get the images off my phone from the last three days.

For now, my foot is up on a pillow, and I may just need a nap.


  1. Welcome home! You have a lovely spot to relax and recuperate from that epic road trip.

  2. welcome home! Enjoy your rest and relaxation. You were missed.

  3. the foot must be so painful, books being so heavy. Work done in your class looks lovely, yours is such a good book I highly recommend it if only I was in the USA I would be there for a lesson.

  4. Glad you're home and sorry about your foot. Your student pics look amazing. Looking forward to more.

  5. Love that view of your home, do take care and good luck with the foot and healing!

    : ) so glad you are home, bet your family are happy too.

  6. YIKES! I have actually had something like that happen before and broke a couple of toes in the process, so I wish you my heartfelt sympathy and best wishes for a speedy recovery! Looks like you have a great spot to relax and heal...just a little jealous ;o)

  7. So sorry about your foot. But now you can be more restful and see a doc, it will surely heal. LOVE the big stars!

  8. Sorry to hear about your foot. I hope it heals quickly! I was piling up some bricks on Saturday and one slid off the pile on to my foot - ouch, but it didn't leave a mark - yeah.

  9. Sorry about your foot. Enjoyed your lecture and quilts in Naperville. Glad you didn't hit the guy on I80. Hope the foot heals quickly, before your next trip.

  10. Sorry about your foot! I got to meet you in Cedarburg, WI back in June. It was a delight. I can't wait to see what you come up with next.

  11. Welcome home! Love the shots. You definitely need a couple of days to relax after all your adventures...


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