Thursday, June 12, 2014

Finding Joy

Greatest Possible Trust, Victoria Findlay Wolfe 2013

Dear Quilt peeps,

I realize I have been very busy to post these last few weeks, and I wanted to stop in to say a few things, before I hit the road for the summer...

I am very grateful.

Putting together this group of 12 Double Wedding ring quilts has been a life healing experience, one that I didn't expect.

I get great joy in just creating each day.

What was unexpected was what I gave myself by focusing on my happy memories of my childhood. I don't often focus on the joyful parts, as it's often easier to see the negative aspects. At least for me, I can recall, so much easier, the the things that brought me sadness, so one needs to work at finding joy. This series has brought  me to a great place of joy and respect for where I came from...

I do hope you can come to see the quilts. (HERE)

These days, for me, making quilts has meant I have to keep them to myself until they are ready for their event, publish date, etc, and so I don't get the feedback from you all, which is why we all start blogs in the first place, right?  To connect, have feedback, and find your people...
I hope to find more projects I can share with you, as they grow...

You are my people.  

My life as a grown woman, has been all about finding the JOY in my life, and a few things bring that me that each day:

One is my family. My husband and daughter are the best things in my life, hands down.

Two, is my creative process. Making what I feel, what inspires me to create more, and exploring how that creativity can bring me more JOY.

Three is giving back.
Weather I'm giving money, a handshake, or a quilt, those are the truest moments, of pure Joy, I think, one can feel.

I feel very blessed that I get to "make" each day. It is the most important thing to me, to help those around me...

I am still gathering quilts for the Stadium Women's Shelter in the Bronx, all trough this year... These quilts are for women  who suffer from extreme to moderate mental illness. 

If you are able to share a quilt.  
* You must fill out the form on that page, to submit your quilt.

If you can not send a quilt, just make a quilt and send it off to some one who doesn't expect it...
Share the joy.

If you can come see the quilts at the Wisconsin Museum of Quilts and Fiber Arts,  
My hope is you will see my Joy.

Thanks for sticking with me!
You quilty peeps, are the best.




  1. Joy and Peace is what I get when I quilt too, plus I just love the look on the faces of the people I give quilts to,
    makes me feel so blessed to have the time to create quilts :0)
    Have a safe summer of travels, looks like you will busier than ever!

    Happy Sewing

  2. My feelings exactly!!! Well said and have a beautiful day!!

  3. I will be with you in thought at your show in Wisconsin my friend. Enjoy every possible moment.

  4. Beautifully written post from your heart, V ... you bring your followers joy, too!
    Happy travels!

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  6. It's funny. I do miss you but I am also cognizant of all that you are doing so I can't help but be happy for you!!! I'm not going anywhere. Will always be here looking for your updates. :)

  7. There's such a feeling of fulfillment when a call goes out for one of your charity drives for quilts, and I'm able to heed that call and send off a quilt. This one (The Stadium Women's Shelter) has been done and done!
    : )

  8. What a lovely post. Your wedding ring quilts are just amazing.

  9. This red WRQ makes me smile! Red is a color I love and you did a fantastic job with this quilt. I sure hope that you can share the other quilts once the exhibit opens. I having a feeling we will be blown away! My joy right now is re-doing my studio. It is amazing what paint and wallpaper can do to lift a person's spirit! With a pretty studio and better lighting there will be no stopping me! Did I tell you I had my ticket bought for QuiltCon? WooHoo! We will finally get to meet - now that will be a joy moment!

  10. You are a source of joy to us, too.
    Have a wonderful trip.

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  12. Such a fabulous post, it's so wonderful to hear people share their joy of the things in live instead of complaining. I am thrilled for you!

  13. It is a great joy to see your success in family and quilting, thank you for sharing your creative life with us!!

  14. Generosity is a gift itself, and you are gifted indeed!

  15. a moving blog this morning, so glad you told us about your work with mental illness, very close to my heart as I have a daughter with very sad problems.

  16. So glad you're finding great joy! I always enjoy your posts and am happy to get them whenever you can get the time. Hugs to you to.

  17. Nice! So very looking forward to sharing in the Joy at the Wisconsin Quilt Museum. I will be at your workshop and lecture. Can't wait! Pam

  18. This Peep loves reading your blog. Thanks for sharing all that you do.

  19. This quilt just sings! Finding the joy in life is the key. Thanks for sharing with your peeps. Looking forward to seeing you at the lecture. I'm bringing my Mom.

  20. This is the best thing about blogging, meeting like minded people and hearing their heart. I won't be able to see it, but I know it will be a wonderful success.


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