Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Back from Quilt Market!
With a  fun road trip with Shelly to Pittsburgh, I am now home and back to getting quilt sleeves sewn on double wedding ring quilts! WAHOO!  Market was fun, and here are a few highlights. Joanna from Fig tree & Co. and Jodie Davis, filmed a Aurifil spot with our Thread sets.  Always fun to be sitting with these talented ladies! Jodie Davis always inspires me, as she is has done so much in this industry. She is one Fabulous lady!

My thread sets can be found here.
The Aurifil Website is still being updated.. Hopefully soon it will be live...

 Mark Lipinski was back at Market! A first in a quite a few years! So happy to see him back! We sit on the board of the Quilt Alliance, and we've missed seeing each other! Great to catch up!
You have your tickets for  Quilters Take Manhattan, right?  I hope so!!! Come on up to my house! ;-)

 Book signing for Quilting with a Modern Slant, with all these fabulous peeps! Now that was fun! The lovely, Sarah Fielke, Katy Jones, myself, Angela Walters, and the dapper Thomas Knauer,and John Adams, and somehow not in the pic, RACHEL MAY! The fabulous author who put it all together!

Always great to catch up with friends at Market, Above with good friends,Michelle and Tracy of GenQ and Kathy Doughty. Below, with Michele Muska, be on the look out for her book release HERE (I'm inside!). Janet and Kimberly of ROSE PATCH CREATIONS , Jodie Davis, and Shelly Pagliai. Janet and Kimberly were kind to let us squish in to have dinner together, in a very busy restaurant... Sometimes new friends are meant to be made! hehe!

Fabric, fabric and more fabric galore of course at market...I'm sure you've seen many pics around the Internet... but this dress from Serendipity Studios caught my eye... Isn't it adorable? You may see one soon in my closet... It's very me, don't you think? My kind of colors too!

End of day Saturday found many of the designers on the floor on their knees! hehe! Kim's son had arrived home from Afghanistan while she was at market...So we all made a letter and did a welcome home video for him. Yes, we were all teary... and honored...

Now I'm home. Binding done on this Cancer quilt to be shipped off tomorrow...Isn't it lovely? Thank you all for those beautiful blocks, it means so much to m!  It helps that I can can whip them together quickly, when needed! 

You can see all the quilts piled up behind, that I need to get work done on, before heading to the Midwest for the summer! I best get to it!

Here's my summer schedule. I hope to see you somewhere on the route!

July 20-26 Quilting by the Lake, Registration is OPEN NOW! CLICK HERE!


  1. BEAUTIFUL cancer quilt, Victoria! Next time you give a shout out for blocks, I hope I can help and send you one or two. I hope I can join you in September when you're in MA!

  2. Sounds like you had a blast in Pittsburgh! I will keep you in my thoughts that you get the cancer quilt and all your quilt sleeves done quickly so maybe you can take a deep breath and relax for a few minutes!


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