Saturday, April 19, 2014

Thank you!!

THANK YOU!!! OODLES More signature blocks have come in! I'm so far behind on squaring them up! I wish I could thank you each individually, but, many don't have email addresses included, so I send a HUIGE THANK YOU out to the universe and hope it finds you!

If you would like to contribute one, please do! Even after this large pile, I am not anywhere near a king size.  LOL! Like I said, I will be gathering these all year long. The link will always be in the side bar.

Beauties! I love them all! Thank you!!!

Link to instructions:


  1. good to see so many are contributing, trust mine made it over the pond, will maybe spot it when the quilt is done

  2. Such a fun project! and ambitious. When my husband said maybe we could think about getting a king size bed one day, I stared him down and said that was too big. I would not have the patience to make even one quilt that size, and I don't want to sleep in a bed without a me-made quilt on it.

  3. I meant to make you one in Nashville, I will do one today.


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