Wednesday, April 16, 2014

pushing for some creativity

I took a bit of time to day to dig out all all the pieces I've made teaching during my workshops, and started putting them up on my wall to look at... Not sure if they will become one thing or 5 things! But taking the time to PLAY is so important to rejuvenating my creativity... after sending the rest of the day at my computer doing boring paperwork.

Y-seams anyone?

now that I think about it....

I'm thinking a very groovy Double wedding ring might be in order....

Just because.



  1. So much wonderfulness going on on the design wall. Enjoy your play!

  2. the y seams look like they have the groovy DWR - is that your fabric in there?

  3. I really like the shapes going on with those y seam pieces. Have fun playing.

  4. I am hoping to get my bits out from your class and play with them some more. The new double wedding ring looks good, did you finish the blue one?

  5. wow, great idea....thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Now that looks Very interesting! Have fun!!

  7. maybe just maybe if i keep reading your post and marveling at your creative process, (maybe, no promises) i'll try y seams and or curves. have a great Easter.


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