Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Classroom shape up.

The Bumble Beans classroom, 
is taking shape!!!!


I'm just building away over here, with my little IKEA wrench!!

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  1. Gosh that's looking so much better. Amazing what a visit to Ikea can do!!! :)

  2. the classroom is looking so well you have come a long way since the last photo I saw of it. very nice!

  3. Quite the lovely herd of Jukis. when can I come and sew?

  4. The classroom is looking great! You have made great strides!

  5. Your classroom is so light and airy ~ would I just love to take a class with you! I'll have to find a way to New York to take one sometime!

  6. Your classroom is really looking terrific! I love all those windows! And, lots of room to spread out and sew too. Good Job, Victoria! Would love to take a class with you there.

  7. Pretty! I can't wait to see the schedule and plan a mental health day!

  8. What a beautiful, inviting work space!

  9. Looking good!! Just wish I lived closer to come and sew in your beautiful new space!

  10. fantastic set up. Now I know my Bone Marrow donor came from NY, when I get to met him one day, I will also try and fit in a sewing class. More for the Bucket List.

  11. Really nice inviting space! Clean open, yet warm and friendly---I like the pop of pink! Thanks to you for addressing this topic---I've decided enough is enough, and I like you have been cleaning and revamping my studio!! It's such a therapeutic feeling to refresh, re-do, de-clutter!! Process not so enjoyable, but rewards of your efforts priceless! Hugs Renee

  12. Oh my goodness I can't wait to get turned loose in your space! Will you put up new design walls?
    You've inspired me to clean my space up too :0) See you soon!

    Happy Sewing


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