Friday, February 21, 2014

contemplating or avoiding?

The old studio here in my loft... SIGH.

It sits here waiting for me to whip it into shape... I feel pretty good about having gotten rid of a lot of stuff,but yet, more needs to find it's home within this space. A trip to IKEA is what I need... a place for books, class supplies, etc...

It really won't take me that long, but I feel after moving my WORKSPACE to the new studio in the next building, I've run into a cleaning slump.

I have a goal to have this done and ready before we head to INDIA in mid March. I have friends coming to stay here to doggie sit, and of course she quilts... so I must get this all nice and tidy for her to enjoy! That's a good goal to have, right?

Trying to think positive about it... and take a "tiny morsel of each day" to move things around... ( insert 15 Minutes of play here!)

I like things to be in their place, and minimal...  Even though this space has been stripped down, I still feel things have to go... I want a nice fresh clean workspace for teaching! Which, By the way, the first classes to be held in this space will be April 20th, and 21st. Details to come...If you want to stay afloat of the class info, please sign up for my newsletter here. 

**(please save your class question emails, and wait for the newsletter... I don't have all the info sorted out yet... but you can join the newsletter to get the first announcements before anyone else...THANKS!!!)

OH, want to see more of my work? The Quilt show put this nice slideshow together!
and the trailer for the episode is here!  stay tuned for the free week, coming soon!

In the meantime, I will pop over to my new space, and crank out a few more things... Off to make some binding to work on this weekend and prepare for next week when I'm at Drexel University in Philly with the Philly Modern Quilt guild. The lecture is open to ALL, so if you are in the PHILLY area, please come by!

ANYONE CAN COME! So please click the link for info, and come on down, the more the merrier!

Are you very organized in your space?


  1. oh my - you have your work cut out for you - two places to organize! have fun

  2. oh gosh no! I have lots of drawers and cabinets but I constantly pull everything out and make messes and need to clean up. Sometimes I don't clean it up and then I reach a point where I can't work anymore until I do.

  3. I only have a very small space, so HAVE to be organised! I think that having your deadline is going to be the biggest motivator for getting it sorted. Nice to see the slideshow :)

  4. Yes, I'm very organized in my small space, almost to a fault. Everything is put away into closets and drawers at the end of each sewing session, floor is vacuumed frequently, machine cleaned up, and table neatened. I think the answer is a small space and not a lot of equipment. I understand your situation, Victoria, having a larger operation with classes, teaching etc,etc. So, good luck with the clean up. : )

  5. My space has been tidy and fallow since late November when two rounds of vascular
    surgery were done. Excellent results
    Thanks to the Mermaid and the need for a baby quilt it is all go and messy. I dove into the scraps and played. No made fabric but I used the grab and go approach.
    One week to complete the baby quilt messy and heaven. Then two weeks of tidying prior to knee replacement. Hand work in my future.

  6. You just need one last push, don't you?! So hard when there's a wonderful play space next door. Those deadlines will help - take heart in hand and wallet to IKEA!! I'm trying to talk my other half into expanding my sewing area into the bedroom next door........patience is a virtue, they say!

  7. Your loft sitter is going to love it! Moving to India! Wow! hugs~

  8. I popped into Ikea the other day and saw some metal frames with see through mesh drawers they will be coming home with me when i can get my daughter to take me in her car, could not manage on the bus but think they will be ideal for fabrics, will be able to see what I have at a glance. Think they are meant for the laundry but never mind I have better ideas!

  9. I have no choice but to be organized; my space is small and carved out of the kitchen. The whole place is 542 sq ft for the two of us so we have learned to live with the Need List driving our selections. Shelves, baskets and cloth covered boxes hold most of my cloth with the plastic small chest of drawers for the notions and other pieces needed for such a fun operation. Always trying to small-ify everything in my world. Smaller is better.' Use it or try to find it a new home' is the tenet I try to adhere to in my day to day.

  10. This is my unreachable (it seems) goal. I,too, like a minimal aesthetic in my studio/sewing room, but it is small and there are so many things I wish to do. Consequently, I have way too much stuff in there. I plan to use most of it if not all, but the crowding limits my ability to do that. Sigh. I struggle to find a solution other than getting rid of things I'd like to use in the future.

  11. you are blessed indeed to have such a delish new space! my "studio" is currently packed anticipating a move but would be happy to simply have more room than current digs....this however is positively shangri-la!

  12. I'm pretty organized, but I tend to clutter surfaces. I just have too many projects going at one time. I saw your show on TQS and you were really great! I have a signed copy of your book and I just love it--hope to spend more time with my scraps making fabric this year.

  13. I wish I lived near you as I could come over and help with that last little bit. An organized friend is all you need.


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