Wednesday, January 22, 2014

nearly wordless wednesday

Scrambling to finish stuff here… borders are cut for the class sample….
No distractions allowed! zoom zoom…ZOOM!

12" of snow… means Snow day! No school!

...and busted my cell phone and no time to run get it fixed.. I did finally do a back up on it, which took 9 hours. LOL. I know now how to make it do that every night, instead of every 17 weeks. ha!

back to it… I will re surface soon!


  1. Very pretty star a little bit of sunshine amid the winter cold. :-)

  2. Loving the little colored tips in your star points.
    Andi x

  3. To plagiarize a phrase......'Keep Calm. You are from Minnesota. You will be fine.' :-)

    Hope things go better for you!

  4. Wish we got that snow, it gives us (Chicago) only 2-3" then dumps it over on you guys! We really do get bummed about that, the hubs and I LOVE snow. We have already had 2 snow days this year tho. Love the Star sample and you are brave to miter those corners missy!! ; )

  5. Brrrrrrrr! too bad about the cell phone. can it be fixed?

  6. Love that class sample!! Snow! How gorgeous! Hot here. Poor phone.


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