Sunday, October 20, 2013

New England Quilt Museum

Wow! What a fun weekend! I have to say I got a bit chocked up seeing my quilt, "Greatest Possible Trust" and My grandmother, Elda Wolfe's quilt hanging in the New England Quilt Museum! If you don't know my work or my story, I think that picture tells a lot... Don't you agree?

This quilt is Number 3 in the Series of 12, that will be shown at the Wisconsin Quilt Museum next June.

Elda Wolfe's quilt on the left, Lucy Mingo's quilt on the right.
For me, seeing Grandma's quilt hanging next to one of Lucy Mingo's quilts, really gave me a good giggle! I'm not sure my Grandmother ever knew about the Gee's Bend Quilters, But, I sure do... and wow, what an honor for Grandma... Don't they look great next to each other?  Gives me chills.
Here's a peek at some more fo the show. L to R Heather Jones quilt on the left. Jen is over on the right... and below is Jacquie Gerring!
Jacquie and her BANG quilt. I just love her...   Our two books sat next to each other in the book store. that was funny, then her other quilt, Shattered is on the other side of mine. 

Thomas Knauer's quilt above and below, both quilted by the lovely and uber talented Lisa Sipes! and through the doorway is a Quilt by Radka Donnell, whom I have been a fan of,so it was really neat to see another of her works!

Denyse Schmidt quilts hanging as well, the red and orange.  I was juggling two cameras and darn if I didn't get everything...

We all had a lovely time,and a big lovely dinner afterwards... here Jacquie, Michele and I going for the selfie.. before saying our good  byes, only to see each other in  a few days in Houston!

This vintage one was quite fabulous! looks like it was just made doesn't it?

Totally humbled by the experience. Thanks Pam Weeks for curating a great show for the New England Quilt Museum, and for allowing me and my grandmother to hang, together, with so many beautiful quilts.  Big hearts!!

I was so inspired by a little  miniature show they had of Amish quilts, that I came home and started sewing like crazy... you can see more about that here.


  1. Looks like it was a fabulous show! Thanks for sharing pictures of the event. Was this just a weekend show, or will it be running longer?

  2. Awesome! Wish I could've been there, but part of me was :)

  3. I'm so mad I couldn't go this weekend. I live very close and hope to make it to the exhibit. It would have been a thrill for me to see all you wonderful quilters there. Darn work!!

  4. NIce! I would have loved to watch your grandmother making a quilt.

  5. What a beautiful show - with all my favorite quilters! Thank you for all the lovely photos. So inspiring.

  6. it is a nice museum.....glad you finally made it up north! and radka a name from the past...

  7. Fabulous quilts! What a great museum. How special to be "hung" with your grandmother!! Thanks for showing the quilts for those who cant get there. All the best for Market.


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