Friday, September 13, 2013

making more...

Cruising right along.... I'm making, and playing with layouts... gathering ideas....

And really just focusing on making and chain piecing... they go pretty quick!

I love the teeny tiny dog ears cut off on the HST's..Why this makes me happy I have no idea... a sharp blade helps!
All trimmed, time to press!

and back to chain piecing....

Now to sit, look, and contemplate my next move....

Headed to my house thursday night so I can take my Jenny Egg in for her surgery Friday to remove a giant growth under her leg...poor baby... and my Kia, has a heart murmur... so she goes in on Saturday for some tests as well... my poor pups!

Later gators...


  1. Abby and I wish your furry friends the best. Is that Cut Glass Dish? My husband inherited a Cut Glass Dish quilt from his mom. I've been wanting to recreate it -- when I'm in the mood to make lots of HST. :o) I especially love that bolder green/yellow block.

  2. The blocks are looking great! I like the hits of yellow. I am crossing my fingers for Jenny Egg.

  3. I hope your dogs are ok. Fun piece you're making.

  4. Aw, best wishes to both Jenny Egg and Kia. They are such sweethearts!

  5. I hope your four legged babies get good news. I lost mine six weeks ago. I had a near fatal brain anurysm and my daughter, an only chikd, moved from seven hours away to take care of me. Tragically just four days after moving in, she died in my arms from a blood clot to her lungs. The pain and depression are overwhelming. Her best friend stopped by a week later and had a poodle/terrier mix dog with her. The dog, missy had been severely mistreated. Her friend told me missy is a survivor now let her teach you how to be one. She helped me through the darkest days of my life. Love you brocks, they are beautiful babscorbitt@ gmail dot com

  6. I wish your furry babies the best.

  7. Love the squares... they just look so fun.
    I think you like the little cut off pieces because they look like confetti... always a fun thing.

  8. So sorry to read about your two doggie friends - hope Jenny Egg recovers quickly from surfer and that something can be done to help Kia. Also love your blocks!

  9. Your blocks are so beautiful, and they all look so nice and flat.
    How do you press all those HST? Any tips or tricks?

    How are your doggies doing? Hope all is well.

  10. Love these blocks! Hoping your pups gare well! Jenny Egg looks like my Emmitt. Is she a schnoodle? I've recently discovered a growth under his arm too. Keeping an eye on it. Hoping its nothing serious.

  11. I love HST's, but not how long it takes to make them, and how easily error creeps into most methods. I have tried a lot of methods but like HST papers the can sew up a whole sheet of them at one time, and then cut them all apart with a rotary cutter. As for the at a time is the only way I can see, but you can do this while watching tv if you have a tv table pressing station! I did a blog on HST's at


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