Wednesday, September 25, 2013



It's so clean in here I can barely stand it! I may need to mess it up just for part of a day to feel sane! LOL! It's actually amazing how such a clean space inspires me... it makes me itch just wanting to cut into some new fabrics and start making a mess... BUT, I will just have to wait... I have two bindings to work on to keep me busy until Friday... So I will slap my hands, if I reach for a rotary cutter!

The binding on this quilt is all jig-jaggedy, and will be a putz-y finish... But I am excited to have the quilt done... It's been in the works for along time...

See in theBack ground here? there are a few hex blocks peeking out... ;-)

I usually store oodles of bins under my sewing table, but for now, I've cleaned them all out, organized them, re-sorted them, and have put them in smaller boxes, per project and stacked them up on top of my book shelves... So much better!

It may only last a week, but for today, it feels good to de-clutter!
Do you have enough?


  1. decluttering always feels good....looks great! ok one never has enough fabric though you know that!
    good to donate,giveaway fabric and things your no longer going to use though make space for the new things you will use.

  2. hmm - you do have a lot of boxes stacked up - how do you move around :) I have a very small sewing room and must keep it organized constantly - I hate a mess and can't sew in it - drives me crazy. I keep my stash small.

  3. Once a project is done, I do a big clean up. Paves the way for the next project (although there are usually several in the works at the same time). I gave away about a third of my stash this summer and I've bought very little since then. This has made a huge impact on how I work. Let's see how long it lasts! Take care, Byrd

  4. UGH OH second blog I read this morning about organizing the sew room!
    I really need to do that too :0).
    Maybe if I was having 100 people over like you I would be more motivated....maybe ?

    Happy Sewing

  5. Recently saw an article in the NYTimes (September 16) about messiness. I am happy to know that too much neatness is not conducive to creativity. Best news I've had in years!!!

  6. Hey Victoria
    do I have enough you ask---I have more then enough---but I will not entertain this thought until after this weekend---can't miss buying some treasures at quilters take manhattan ---and city quilter! After that I must contain myself and start to use all my accumulated stash! See you Saturday!!

  7. Your sewing room looks amazing! Now can you come and sort me out??! Have a fabulous weekend - sounds like so much fun! I'm off to help out at Quilts in the Barn exhibition, raising money for breast cancer research.......the theme is chintz this year and, after helping out with set up yesterday, it will be a beautiful exhibition!

  8. Wish I could be there this weekend! It would be so cool to hang out with you and your friends in your loft and your newly cleaned studio. That way I could sneak around and see where on earth you put the fabric you don't want anymore! LOL JK

  9. Your studio space looks great! I think I do I have enough so this year I hadn't bought any fabric since May 4th until last week. I will be headed out to Charm, Ohio Oct. 11 and 12 to work at Miller's Dry Goods as they will be having a 20% off sale to celebrate Charm Days. I usually spend everything they pay me to work, but I pick up some good deals in the bargain basement and maybe some pieces to add to projects that I have planned. I did sell a bunch of FQ's last week which equated to 36 yards out of my stash!

  10. Wow I need to de-clutter too. I like how you divided your large storage into smaller more functional ones. I think that is a great idea. I too have to resist the urge to start another project. I have 3 started now and I have told myself no more till they are done completely. New follower from Blackberry Winter crafts.
    Donna L.


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