Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Tile pouring!

Peggy was so sweet to go take pictures when our tiles were being poured!  Check this out!  Awesome shots!  Here is a link to more shots of the day:

Here is my carving before.... ( LeMoyne star with stitch lines)

That's my tile being poured!  How will it look when it's dry? that YELLOW is an amazing color is it not?

 I see NYC scratched on the side of that one... hehe!

Tada! there she is! among all the rubble!  How fun to watch it come together! 
the post of my carving is here, click here.
I'll have to go visit it next year! It will be fun to see all the amazing tiles made!


  1. Wow! Fantastic!!!!! I love these, you must have had a blast seeing them incarnated!

  2. Nice! Isn't it fun to see your work "out there"?

  3. This is just too cool! I hope you get photos of the tiles once they have been placed.

  4. All beautiful designs...but being a quilter, I do have a favorite!

  5. Beautiful! How are they going to use the tiles? maybe I missed that in the post with all the great pictures.

  6. The tiles will be used in a permanent metal sculpture to be installed next year in Waupaca's main park. People who've enjoyed making the tiles (both the arts community AND the same-day triathlon participants) say they look forward to returning to find their own tiles somewhere in the quilt/tile/mosaic.


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