Wednesday, July 3, 2013

HOME!!! (temporarily!)

Sunday we put a lot of miles on the car! We being myself, My mother and my niece.  We shot off Saturday night til 1am so that got us a few hours out of Chicago, then hit the ground running on Sunday.  We stopped off at my friend, Mary Koval's place of business to see her shop, retreat center, and just enjoy her bubbly self!  She's so lovely... Some of you may know who she is by being a Antique Quilt Collector... Fun stuff to sift through and be inspired by! 

Well, we visited for a few hours, contemplated staying over, as Mary so generously encouraged us, but I was antsy to get home...  I needed to see the light at the end of my driving days!  So off we boogied and reached my house on Long Island at 1am Sunday night....BOY, DID I SLEEP GOOD!!

I will be back at 
Call her shop for more details and sign up early. 814 - 310-2278

My niece has never been to the East Coast, so we had to go get her toes wet in the Atlantic... Here we are taking a walk by the Montauk light house... Even the Surfers were out, it was all perfect... ;-)

 Mom and I rested out old selves while Peri enjoyed the waves and the sand in her toes....

Nice to see the Turkeys have not deserted us. LOL!  I had to STOP, and WAIT for them to decide if they were going to get off the road....  This way, that way, this way, that way....  finally they moved on...

Speaking of Pittsburgh...
I'm teaching 15 Minutes of Play workshops at the Original Sewing & Expo in Pittsburgh!
PLEASE COME AND PLAY! ;-) Workshop dates and times are here! Sign up QUICK... They fill fast.
Here is the easy guide to my classes... I also do a QUILT TALK about my 13 quilts on Display at the show... It's fun to hear the back stories, come by! Say hi!

 Gotta boogie...  How is your summer going?
working on anything fun?


  1. Will see you in September in Atlanta! Plus I will bring my iPad cover from the plaid rose challenge.
    Mary Ann

  2. Well , for us who live on this coast , it has rained 10 days straight here in South Jersey , so Im so glad you brought some dry heat from the Mid West !!

  3. Good to hear you are home safe and sound. So glad you stopped at Millhouse. I so enjoyed your class and talk!

  4. Glad you made it home safe. That was a long drive! Your mom looks so happy to be sitting on those rocks! Beach time.....can't beat it!

  5. You are a driving machine! It must be so nice to be home!

  6. always enjoy ocean photos....when taking the train to baltimore from boston, it goes right by the coast in connecticut....beautiful!


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