Friday, May 31, 2013

making fabric

Making fabric over here!  I need a new class sample for July.  I realized I better get sewing, to have it done before I leave, because when I get back, it wil be July!

Totally loving the colors! It will be a sampler quilt,and a bright happy cheery one at that!

Hers's a peak!  Must get to the  binding on my MOD quilt too... 
That's still sitting here looking at me.  Zoiks! it's Friday!


Any big sewing plans this weekend for you?


  1. Here it is still Thursday night. Love the peek at the new class sample. I'm trying to layer and quilt my Color Challenge quilt. Velveeta will get done this week. DH says it will be a wonderful summer quilt.

  2. I hope to get my tea towel topper together with batting and a backside! Maybe it will happen! I might also start playing with my architectural challenge.

  3. Victoria, I love your Vlogs! Really a cool idea. I want to try this on my blog soon~ It really is like having a friend come visit me, even though you don't know me. :) I also love your little baby. I have one too named Tillie. She is a blonde Pomeranian and she is always at my feet laying. Whenever I move she is up and waiting to see what I'm going to do. She is 13 years old, and I can't imagine not always having her~

    My good sewing machine, my 1938 Singer is down for the first time ever. Hubby and I have looked at it and can't figure out what is wrong. So I guess I need to find someone to look at her. My other machine is an old cheap Singer that moves like molasses. Maybe someday I'll be able to buy a good new one.

    Happy Sewing~ ♥

  4. I plan on hitting the machine quilting hard on my yellow and gray quilt. I want to get this quilt done before my company comes. I have to throw in a bit of weeding and house cleaning also so I will do that when I need a break from quilting.

  5. Aww Jenny Egg is a sweetie and she loves her Mama ! I have 2 Corgis, such loyal dogs. Have a good trip !

  6. A Broadway show + a good night's sleep = sudden inspiration! I must remember that.

    Don't want to miss your class on Long Island...send me details, please.

  7. Currently at a four-day quilt retreat. Made fabric blocks are on the agenda. Making your quilt that appeared recently in a magazine.

  8. Love your new made-fabrics - such happy colours! And I too Love those "Aha" moments - a great feeling!! Enjoy your weekend.

  9. Good luck on your 'finishes'. I have quilts piled up to FINISH. No sewing this weekend. Helping my daughter edit a 10 page final paper for college! AND THEN Monday I will hit the ground!

  10. Hi Victoria
    I love Jenny Egg! She has the cutest face! leaving her for a month must be hard for both you and her! I have a red Dachshund named Daisy, she's the love of my life! Daisy is my official sewing assistant, she helps with fabric and color decisions, and understands me better then many people I know!!! God Bless our animal friends, they are a real treasure!
    I'm so excited that my "twenty" contest quilt arrived at the quilt alliance. I received confirmation , and went onto record my artist statement----how cool is that!!!
    Also excited about putting together a commission order for yet another historic museum in upstate New York, Rhinebeck area--I will be sewing , sewing, sewing ---did I mention sewing all weekend to catch up with orders!!!
    But that's a good thing!! Daisy will be there for encouragement, advice, and support!
    Too busy to get out much these days, but did manage to hit a local quilt shop sale, and lunch with my sweet daughter---so all is good!
    Warmest regards,
    And as always,
    happy sewing


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