Friday, May 10, 2013

A visit with Joe


Last night Joe Cunningham, (who doesn't have a favorite color but he loves pink) came by the studio, and so I asked him if we could share a bit of our visit...  ;-)

Topic of the day?

photo from Joe's website. go visit his blog and say hi!


;-)  Tell me about your stash....

What color do you buy the most of?
what do you go to first in the quilt shop?


WINNER: LJ!   Congrats on your win of the MODERN BABY BOOK!


***ALSO, There is an Article in the WALL STREET JOURNAL today about Modern quilting!
An article about modern quilting in the Wall Street Journal today!  Victoria Findlay Wolfe, Lisa Sipes, Jacquie Gering ,Alissa Haight Carlton, Charlotte Newland.
(if the link doesn't work, then google the title - you'll be able to read it from the google links)
Happy Friday!


  1. How lucky are you? But so deserving! You have worked hard and deserve to be sitting there sharing your studio with Joe the Quilter! I buy thrift. Was at thrift store today and bought 2 cotton skirts, beautiful cotton, floral prints. 2.00$ ! Score! Then to quilt store, I go straight to clerance rack. I know where one is in every quilt store I frequent. Today they were 65% off a yard! Score again. Doing this I get my fabric fix and delight in spending little $! Thanks for sharing with us all the time! Hope you are feeling better then you did this past weekend.

  2. How fun, and thanks for introducing me to another cool quilter! I visit the clearance section first to see what kind of scraps I can obtain of any color. However, I do gravitate to reds, blues, golds, and neutrals.

  3. its always nice to see Joe. Victoria I dont know if you saw my other comment but I was curious if you drew and designed your own designs in your new line of fabric ?

    1. Izzy your emails cometo me as no reply comment,so I cannot email you.. I sketch my ideas, and works with an artist on my line... it's purely collaborative...

    2. OK, I had no idea it is a no reply ..I thought I had fixed it ..OH well. Also the reason I asked is because I know very little about the process of fabric design.. I always see other designers do some of the line on their blog but I dont know much of the process after it is sketched or how one even gets into the whole design thing..Thanks I did check my email thing on my profile but it isnt working ..Id appreciate it if you try one more test email for me to see if it is still no reply?? Thanks Izzy

    3. Hi Izzy, Still a no reply... maybe Check this site for more info...

    4. Oh, please!!! Put together a post about how your line of fabrics developed!!!

  4. Stash! Oh my goodness having just moved all my stash from NY to NC I am now trying to organize it in a new color. First it is all getting refolded as it comes out of the boxes then sorted. I have way too much fabric and need to start using it up! I'm going to go to a new guild tomorrow and see if I find a good fit for me
    in my new neighborhood :0). I really enjoyed the brief visit with Joe and appreciate your style of interviewing,,,,ask the question then let the person speak without interruption that is just perfect. You look great Miss V. are you feeling better?

    Happy Sewing and have a blessed Mother's Day

  5. My Stash. well for one thing for sure. It isn't large enough, rofl. I am trying to think "out of the box" since I met you.......I want to buy those fabrics that are really out of the ordinary. You are so inspiring, thank you Victoria!!!!!

  6. I have always admired his work and especially his hand quilting
    I was shocked at his fabric comments . WOW is all I can say!
    WOW. not sure I could ever work that way but I am limiting myself now to using what I have and stop searching for just the right exact shade of a fabric or buying more of a fabric cause I love it and am afraid I will run out of it!

  7. when I walk into a quilt shop yes I go to the sale table /section first
    you always can find goodies there, great backs, older fabrics you love and want more of etc!!!!

  8. ah, my stash....right now, limited budget, living outside the US, and usually putting fabric funds towards specific projects, I go first to the fat quarters. Which is way more dangerous than if I just shopped yardage, because it *feels* so inexpensive. Found as I bought for one quilt, at the time only a design in my head, nothing planned out so no yardage info or anything, that it adds up quickly, all those little $3 pieces of fabric. My husband wasn't thrilled at the $150 worth of fat quarters, LOL! (still just a stack of fat quarters....been exploring how to get my idea from my head into a finished project...) I do finally think I've found the method for that quilt, just need to buy the book so I can learn how to PLAY properly ;)Thinking it will be a good mother's day gift, for sure.

    That quilt aside, almost all my stash is fat quarters. Any time I go to buy for a specific project, I can't help looking in the little basket or shelf or whatever at the counter and adding "just a few" of those little bits. Such a problem staying in budget that way!! LOL!

  9. The first place I go is to the NEW stuff.... like to see what is new... rather than buying "color" I tend to buy the design ...... then will fill in some colors to use with the prints..... but then I am not an artist and look at my projects with an eye to "do I like it". Stash is way out of control and I have cut back in the last two years...

  10. i'm not really into a color. My weakness is Christmas fabrics. Snowmen, sparkles, santa's you name it. I like it.

  11. My stash has gotten out of control the last few years. And it's not organized very well so I often run off to fill in a spot when I know I have something somewhere that would be perfect. So my goal is to slow down on impulse buying and begin to sort through in a more deliberate way. Thanks for cool interview with Joe.

  12. Gosh, it was nice to see Joe as your guest today. I enjoyed following him way back when he worked with Gwen Marston. Love his work. How come he doesn't age and I do??
    : )

  13. Another visitor - how wonderful! I enjoyed the video also. My stash - well it is all over the place. When I go fabric shopping I first hit the clearance and sale fabric. I rarely pay full price. I have a large collection of Dutch wax African fabrics. I also have collected quite a bit of music related fabric when it has been on sale. I like to make a quilt for whomever my brother is on tour with so I need a lot of music fabric. Once in a great while I will buy collections (I am waiting for yours!), but I usually just buy what I like. I am at the point where I need to either make a lot more quilts or quite buying fabric! The shelves in my fabric storage room are getting full!

  14. Favorite color is red always (in spite of my studio name)...but lately I have been loving many many greens..
    and coral is delightful color, and I can rarely pass up a mustard or orange hue either....
    Purple is on the low end of my radar, although I do love those purples that lean toward grey or brown....
    and I really don't like Navy...although I have been seeing it with Raspberry and I do kind like that... a bit....

    ...when I go shopping, I always look for the darks first because they are the hardest to find, and then the lights...I naturally go to the busy and lush medium fabrics, which are mostly what I love, but I always need those darks and lights to make the mediums shine.

  15. I can sum up my stash in two words. Too much. It feels overwhelming and I ran out of space in my studio a long time ago. I always do my fabric shopping on a whim, but sometimes I'll stack up on a colour. The fabrics I love shopping for the most are the thrifty kind.

  16. Btw, it appears you can only read the WSJ article if you subscribe :-(

  17. I'm glad I watched the video and will check out to see more on Joe. My fabric stash is developing. I like to buy fabrics at thrift shops - shirts, tablecloths, napkins, whatever. I also add our family's clothes to the stash whenever stuff doesn't fit, isn't worn anymore. My husband hides his clothes from me. I have favorite quilt stores that sell their scraps - which i love!

  18. I love these short guest videos! Entertaining? YES! But they are also enlightening--one of the best ways to learn about the process of creating as it is so different for everyone!

    Today I learned more is not always better, which seems to go against many quilter philosophies. I have worked hard to build a stash from the clearance/sales shelves, leaving me with a lot of great blender type fabrics. Even better are the estate/garage sale finds, where I pick up more vintagey type fabrics (love those that measure 36" wide!).

    I love to look at the newest lines of fabrics, but I almost never purchase them. Instead I like to learn from the latest mixture of colors, then try to imitate that with what I have already in my stash! It is all a learning and growing experience. When I stop learning, it is time to find a new creative outlet...


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