Monday, April 1, 2013


Birthday gifties!  I rcvd this sweet cup from my friend Carolyn! She's a fabulous quilter, and so lovely, pop over and say hi... So just how good are your eyes? Can you read it?

"Sew cloth together patiently and with care for your industry will be rewarded beyond all measure"
The pink lacy scarf under the cup is a gift from Kathy when I was in AU! Pretty! love it!

:-) Super sweet!
Thank you C&T publishing for the COOKIES too!
Hey did you know my book is on E-BOOK now?
You can buy them on the C&T website
It's also in my sidebar, if you go through that link, I get credit... that helps!!
This author would be very happy about that...
Or buy a signed copy from my website shop. PLEASE!

Speaking of my WEBSITE SHOP... SOON, not sure when yet, but I will have GOODIES in my shop... Special goodies. ;-)  So keep an eye on that, Hoping to get it up in the next month... 
Will let you know...


This sweet quilt was made by my very best friend in the whole wide world, and her three fabulous daughters....It was sent to me for my Birthday, for BASICS!!! How sweet is that???  THANNK YOU!!!!!
And! it's so perfect because we need more twin size quilts!    Please keep'em coming! It's still chilly here!
Please pop over to Bumble Beans BASICS to donate a quilt... this LINK will take you direct to the project page, find the red FORM HERE to fill out the form I need before you send your quilt, which includes the NUMBER for you to write on the outside of your box for easy record keeping and checking in. FABULOUS!!!

AND! THANK YOU THOMAS KNAUER!  He made me a little sumthun' and included a BASICS QUILT and some fabric to PLAY in of his new line ASBURY!  See the video!

a little dead milkmen fun... (from Thomas above) 
and T-shirt coming soon from Encyclopedia below

Fun week ahead... whip out some sewing projects... get packed and head to Schaumburg, IL! 
Will you be there? I know I will see a bunch of you there!
What else is happening this week?
What is you BIG sewing project for this week?

(LOL I meant to post this tuesday!) oops. ;-)


  1. How about that crocheted (heart?) garland under your birthday cup! what's the story on that? I like it! Happy belated birthday, if your like me you make your birthday last all week! Marlynne

  2. Looks like you had a stellar birthday! Yay for you!!!!

    Tomorrow is sewing with the ladies. Just finished doing TONS of fabric shopping online, and I'll be waiting for my orders to trickle in!

    I can't wait!!!!!

  3. Sounds like you still have a bit of jet lag. My brother called me yesterday. He was on his way home from the airport after a long flight from AU. He sounded like he was having a hard time thinking with the jet lag. He told me he bought me a few scraps of fabric while he was there. He said the fabric was really expensive and a beer was $8.00! I am anxious to see what he bought me. I will have to look around to see if I can find a quilt or two to send you for Basics for your birthday. I am just getting back to my life after the non-stop work on the bathroom the last month.

  4. I'll be in Marianne's booth, for Quilts of Valor all three days. Maybe we'll get to meet each other.

  5. So many wonderful things going on! I can't wait to see your new fabric line. Congrats, sis!!

  6. Hi Victoria
    When you get my posted comments and note the times they are written ----you must say what an odd ball---can't help it---I'm a night owl---creative juices seem to flow better during the wee hours!!,,
    So much going on in my life. Lately I was fortunate enough to become involved with my local historical society. It's mission being the preservation of local history as well as the preservation of the homestead and museum, built in 1741.
    Here's the kicker: Upon becoming more involved with my communities history I learned I am living In a community with a rich TEXTILE history. The homestead/museum has a collection of quilts and other sewing related goodies. The village of Wappingers Falls back in 1830 organized a company called Dutchess Print Works. It was the first Calico printing company in America!! In1835 it became Garner Print Works. By 1908 the complex was known as the Dutchess Bleachery. A fabulous new exhibit will open at the wappinger falls historical society --Meiser Homestead on April 14th highlighting the historical timeline of the textile industry in wappingers falls!!
    I am currently in training to give tours of the museum and the exhibits------so exciting----
    This brings me to answer your original question what I was up to? well to add to the excitement ----the historical society (knowing my love of sewing/quilting) asked if I could have my work represented in the gift shop of the museum---Yeh!! I am presently filling a rather large order with special quilted items reflecting the history of the museum. Yes------this feels like really good karma!!! Please let me know if you or any members of the metro mod quilt guild would be interested in seeing the museum and exhibit, or if you would like more info. We are located about 2 hours outside of New York City---surrounded by mega amounts of history in the beautiful Hudson valley area!!
    Let me know?
    As usual wishing you all the best


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