Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Short week

So what to do with all your scraps? PLAY of course!  

I had all these cut off triangles, and didn't  have the heart to throw them out...(crazy I know!)  So, I dug out more scraps and pieced them together. I have enough triangles to make several quilts! LOL!  But, a girl has to start somewhere!

Here's how they are looking so far.... ;-) FUN!
Hope you enjoyed your MONDAY! Did you have the day off?

Find those great Purple African fabrics at Canton Village Quiltworks here!

QuiltCon week! Yay!!! I'm excited to get on a plane and head to Austin and see a bunch of fabulous Quilters!

Sign up for a 3 minute "GO TELL IT" INTERVIEW, read about it here:

Quilt Alliance Scavenger HUNT!

Also, here's a fun sound bite by Cathy Izzo (owner City Quilter) did for American Express about small businesses here in NYC after Hurricane Sandy... I asked them to collect quilts for my BASICS Sandy drive!
check it out...

Also.... Stay tuned, (maybe another week) I will be updating the Bumble beans BASICS site very soon... and I have a new project to gather some quilts for...

If you are at QuiltCon, GRAB ME, say HI, and I will give you a BUTTON for the project!


  1. When you arrange the strips horizontally I see a bunch of 'V' shapes. I think this will be a V for Victoria quilt. Wish I was going along to quiltcon. Your blog posts will help with vicarious attendees.

  2. I LOVE your little triangle strips--super idea, as usual. I have read your book and need to add that 15 minutes to my days. Am starting today...it's playtime!! thanks, Julierose

  3. I did have Monday off..it was nice. I made two thread catchers. One of them was with "made fabric"

  4. Wow. I love these blocks! Can't wait to see what they become. Have a wonderful trip - Godspeed.

  5. I had the same reaction as Jane - looking at the closeup, I see the pretty triangles, but in the big picture, I see V-V-V for Victoria! (really shows how lights come forward and darks recede) Have fun on the trip!

  6. I think these V blocks are totally amazing, I gasped when I saw the ones at the end. Also I just about leant over to take one of the triangles when you held it out, the video is so lifelike. It was also good to see the actual size of these pieces. Thanks, Victoria, as always, for your inspiration.

  7. Have a great time at QuiltCon. I wish I was going! Love the triangle strip blocks! They are going to make a great fun quilt! I am anxious to hear about the new project for gathering quilts! I need to get a couple of projects done so I can participate!

  8. Although Im not a "modern" quilter, I wish I was going to Austin, 1st to see everyone and then to check out the city. Hope you have a great time!

  9. those are HUGE triangles - I wouldn't throw them out either. LOVE what you're doing with them!

  10. I just love that you use it ALL...its great..I have a bunch of crumbs at home and you just keep giving me ideas for them! Thanks Victoria!

  11. if they were mine i'd put a narrow border around each section, no more than 1" finished, and then sew them together. maybe use all the same color, something that reads the same but diff prints....just an idea


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