Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Here's the first batch of blocks that came through for our friend from school.  Blocks from Betty G, Michelle O, Mimi G, Megan W, Paulette H, Marei M, Ellen W! Thanks! Don't they look fun! The notes you guys include are so special, I'm so touched by your thoughts and prayers... THANK YOU! My mail didn't come today(monday)  am I missing something? Is it a  holiday or is the US mail getting that bad?

By the way! I have a NEW QUILT DRIVE UP at my NEW website for

I have a NEW system for donations as well.
There is a email submission form for the quilts you send.
You must send in the email form, before you send your donation quilts. After you fill out the form, You will be given a NUMBER to write on the outside of the box to help with CHECKING in packages on this end.
PLEASE DO NOT SEND BOXES WITHOUT THE FORM. It also help us keep track per project, as in the future we may have more then one drive going at once. POP over to the site and see the NEW project for the Child & Family Institute.  It's not a lot of quilts, but it will do a world of good! the number system will also let me know when we've gotten enough quilts! Cool!

Feel free to grab the button  above to add to your site if you've given a quilt or plan too! The more the merrier!


Lisa Sipes, that Crazy Quilty girl!  and my collaborator, was on a real roll at Quiltcon! She also quilted the quilt that was viewers choice! Below is Alison Glass's quilt which Lisa quilted, and WON VIEWERS CHOICE. Isn't it lovely?

A few more by Lisa,
This above is "MARTHA" Made by Thomas Knauer, quilted by Lisa...
 I think, my most favorite quilt at the show.

Thanks Lisa for a beautiful collaborative vision on "DOUBLE EDGED LOVE!" Here you can see another detail of the quilting. I went back afterwards with some big stitch and added some applique here and there, after it was quilted. It was so much fun to work on this project together. You can bet there will be more collaborations to come...


  1. The blocks look great! Yikes, I forgot to put a note in mine, I was just so happy to get them done and in an envelope - ha - ...and now that I've seen what the others are like...mine are sooooo...'tame' (ok,they're downright BORing - mine) so when you get them, don't feel you have to use them...maybe for a label...on the back...or inside...LOL.

  2. It is strange you didn't get mine yet. I mailed them last week.

  3. oh, those quilts and the quilting on them just fill me with excitment! I can't imagine having the skill to do that.

  4. Thanks for sharing all of the QuiltCon pics, how had I not heard of this show until it was happening? Anyway - love all those amazing maching quilting shots - that's my fave - would love more closeup glamour shots of your winner too! what was the applique? Thanks!

  5. Thank you for the close up look at your quilt. Beautiful! Of all the pics I've seen from the show, the Martha, In Defense of Handmade is one I keep coming to. Love the sentiment, and so clever the way he expresses it.

  6. The blocks are looking GOOD! LOVE the black and white one...set on point it looks like a totem pole! I'm gonna have to play with that! OOOOHHHH and the quilting...absolutely gorgeous!

  7. Perfect timing: I have one baby quilt for charity hanging around, and a second one will be finished tomorrow. Will pop over and fill out your donation form...

  8. The blocks look great! Cant wait to see more...
    Love that quilting - definitely want to see more of that - am very interested in doing that...too...
    I love your quilt but you already knew that... ;)


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