Saturday, December 8, 2012

Pics from Trunk show.

My Inspiration: My Grandmother's quilts, Elda Wolfe
Thanks John for sending me a few pics from my Trunk Show on Thursday night.  Here's a short peak at some of the quilts from the book.

I thought I'd be so nervous, but, being able to share these quilts with a bunch of people, was great fun!
I love telling the stores behind how the quilts came to be... The journey in MAKING is the part that really excites me.

Thank you CITY QUILTER for letting me share!

Stripes Plaids and Polka dots

Crown of Thorns

True North

Polka dots Squared

The beautiful pieces behind me are by Judi Blaydon... Lovely work! 


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  1. Smiling as I see you in the pics with your artistry. Congrats!

  2. do you do your own quilting on your regular machine or a long arm? I think you said once that you hand quilt a little also? I hand quilt almost all but now and then try to machine quilt a small quilt using my small machine.
    Beautiful quilts - i love how you "make" your own fabric - I really need to start doing that with all my scraps that are piling up.

  3. All the quilts in your book are wonderful! Congratulations on publishing your very own book!

  4. These are BEAUTIFUL! Congrats on your book! And totally agree - LOVE the quilts behind your too :=)

  5. I can hear you speaking with much love about your quilts..nicely done V. I think it's easy to speak about something your are so passionate about don't you?

    Happy Sewing

  6. Victoria - it was a great presentation. And love the book!


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