Monday, December 31, 2012

Jet lagged.

Many of you asked if I bought any fabric while in Africa... of course I did! Although not the waxed prints I usually buy... I Found it was three times more expensive then what I buy it for here... Mostly because the only day we had for shopping was on Christmas day, and out guide took us to a tourist shop...LOL...  We spent our grand days on the Serengeti... and various National parks...  But I did pick up there Masai Shukas.

They are hemmed pieces of woven textiles in Bright Red's and blues.  The Masai are a warrior tribe from Somalia, who have moved down over the many years into different parts of Africa.  When they were at battle they discovered they couldn't tell each other apart, so they began wearing the BRIGHT RED as their symbol... Or so I am told...  We visited a Masai Boma, (the mud/cowdung/straw round houses) to see how they lived, and shown their beading... 

We also visited their school. (You can see pictures of this in the last post) The COLORS of their clothing can be spotted for miles and miles as we drove off roads across hundreds of miles... You'd find them alone with 100 goats in the middle of nowhere, but could spot them easily by there Shukas.  I thought I may cut mine up to make a quilt, but am waiting for inspiration to tell me so...

I did buy one piece of wax print that goes with many I already have... No plans... waiting for inspiration...

I also bought a few table cloths, (or wraps) label says I can use them for either or! ;-)  I will use these on my outdoor table here in the summer. So bright and cheery! They of course would make great Medallion style quilts if I chose too!

I'm quite happy with my little purchases, as the airlines lost our luggage for 2 days, So I was very happy when our door bell rang at 6am on the 28th, with our three bags! I was convinced they were gone for a good!

We are   s  l  o  w  l  y   recovering from our journey.  Jet lag still has us falling asleep at 8pm...up by 4am... And on top of that, darling daughter has a some ailments that had us in the walk in clinic this morning... So we are laying pretty low.

I did manage to get one top sewn together out of shear need to MAKE something!  Otherwise I'm a bit to fried to do anything else. I've cooked a belated Christmas dinner, and we are now enjoying the leftovers, and hoping to make more yummy Christmas goodies today...because, when else can I eat loads of cookies and not feel guilty about it? It's tradition right? hehe!
Ahhhh! It feels good to be home! Except our "Wildlife" here on Long Island, is not quite as exciting as those roaring lions!  LOL! Gobble gobble!
Back to NYC tomorrow...(After all the mess is cleaned up in Times Square!  It's so noisy at our NYC  home during new Years that we get out of dodge.... Since times Square is our Back yard!)

I'll be happily sleeping through this New Years!

Happy New Year to all of you!
Here's to Health, High Creativity, and JOY to you and yours!


  1. Happy New Year to you and your family. So nice to have a quiet place to go when you need it!

  2. Happy New Year's Eve! I would have snagged a few of those amazing table cloth/wraps too!

  3. Happy New Year to you and your family. Hope your daughter is ok.

    I was wondering if all that color and the things you saw would give you inspiration to make a quilt. Whenever I travel and see new places I'm always inspired to interpret what I saw in ideas don't always come out so great, but fun!

    Love that group pic of the tribe with the little ones in front, so sweet.

    the worse part of travel is that darn jet lag, takes me forever to get over, I'm sure you're on your way. Hope you stay well.

  4. I got some batiks from a local show that were made with flour and sun drying, saving them for something special, too, lol. I hope Boo feels better, seems like a lot of bugs going around lately.


  5. Oh my goodness the pictures from Africa are just too amazing.....the herd of giraffes....oh my. The picture is fantastic but I just know being there is more than you can describe. You are so blessed to have this experience, most of us will only get to see it through your eyes.

    My best to Miss B. on a speedy recovery. Hugs and Happy Sewing

  6. Iska warran! ("Hello" in Somali). I learned some of the language from our old doorman at the condo. He was from Somalia. Nice guy. Taught me a lot.

    They are warm, wonderful people.

    Rest up, I think there will be some serious quilting going on for 2013! LOL!

  7. Love those bright colors! I work with a girl from Tanzania. I'll have to ask her if she can score me some Shukas next time she goes home to see her family.

  8. Looks and sounds like Africa.
    I think the jet lag is partly because the contrast is so strong. I found Africa so BIG. Like the new big quilt.
    Happy New Year to all of you.

  9. Happy Peaceful New Year!! We have some of that Gobble Gobble wildlife in our backyard, too, and lots of deer! Oh, yes, medallion quilts from those tablecloths! I have ten beautiful scarves I bought in Turkey almost 20 years ago that I someday plan to use in medallion quilts. I will never be bored with all the fabric I have on hand. LOL!

  10. Great zigzag top and yummy tablecloths! Hope you all feel better soon!

  11. Happy new year and all the best for 2013. Thank you for the inspiration that you have shared on your blog over the past year and I look forward to reading it in the next year too.

  12. Hi Victoria...I loved this post! I could feel your travel and fatigue now. Hope your family recovers nicely. I've been sick 4 times since Aug, so what you all are feeling might be what so many around the world are dealing a flu or cold, but nothing else~
    Aren't wild turkeys strange creatures? We had them too when we lived in the country, and I never got use to them or their calls.
    Love the 'table cloths'...and your 'had to sew something' top.
    God's blessings on you in 2013~ ♥

    Ps 62:8

  13. Wow such glorious color! I love it all.i hope you and your family especially B are back on track soon.
    Happy New Year!

  14. Happy New Year V. I've really loved the photos. You're an amazing photographer.
    Those Masai colors are so fantastic.
    Our house is nearly complete-Kids move in mid Jan. I hope in the coming year that you can visit on your way out east.
    I miss my sewing machine so much- most of my fabric is in bins while the construction goes on.
    Hoping B is much better soon and you are all caught up with sleep.

  15. Am drooling over your travel shots and textile goodness. Hope lovely daughter feels better soon... happy New Year!!!

  16. happy new year! i've loved viewing your vacation through the wonderful photos you've shared. my dear husband has been home for 2 weeks, i seem to be unable to create with anyone around. i can not wait to sew, quilt and throw fabric in reckless abandonment!


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