Tuesday, November 6, 2012


BASICS has stepped up! Anything that comes in to BUMBLE BEANS BASICS will go to the people RIGHT now. Please visit the web site for details for shipping your quilts. Thank you!


Are you LOCAL to NYC?
Are you going to be at City Quilter?

You can also DROP OFF (ONLY) quilts at City Quilter, if you are making the trip,
I will be sure to pick up those quilts and get them to BumbleBeansBASICS


Also: Please know I support ALL quilt drives. I am also helping Luana at Equilter to find good homes for the quilts she collects.  It's good to have choices... let's all work together to help. It pays off in the end! People get QUILTS!


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  1. You're terrific for taking the time to get the word out and driving quilts to where they can get distributed. I hope that NY and NJ can back to normal asap, I hate to think of our neighbors suffering.

    Happy Sewing and thanks for all you do to help others.


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