Friday, August 24, 2012

wandering aimlessly

So, I ventured into my studio, which has become a dumping ground between all my summer travels.  I went in looking for my Thomas Knauer Fabrics for our NYC Metro MOD baby quilt Guild Challenge, (could not locate them...I know I put them somewhere that I wouldn't forget!) isn't that the way it always goes?  They will turn up... Then I found my 15 minute play Color Challenge blocks... YIPPEE! Need to get them finished too! So I popped them up on the wall to find my final layout... You can imagine, my motions through the studio are totally discombobulated! Distracted, all over the place, finding little discoveries as I plod through piles and piles of stuff... 

I now have a big box for all the quilt tops I accumulated this summer. That's a start! Here's one above. I think it is THE UGLIEST quilt top I have ever bought.  For some reason I am totally drawn to it just for that reason. Well, and it's orange... My favorite color... I couldn't pass it up. It's made of poly blend, stiff cargo pants material and shirtings... just a mess. (and I love it. HA HA!)
One new toy that I have is the Simplicity 12 needle FELTING Machine! Yes, I took 15 minutes yesterday to set it up. I cut some pieces of felt and started playing... How could I not!  I have some ideas for some projects, and really need to start collecting WOOL SCRAPS. I have NONE.  Anyone feel the need to be rid of any wool, you know where to send it... (Wishful thinking?)  (trade?)

Here's the Winners of the copies of Generation Q Magazine! RUTH and CARLA
CONGRATS LADIES!  Send me your info, and I will get these posted ASAP.
You can get subscriptions to the mag at:

As I was walking by my front door, I caught a glimpse of what I thought was a BUZZARD sitting on my gate... Since we don't have Buzzards, it could only be the pesky tomato thief...Mr. Turkey...BUZZ OFF!

Stop back tomorrow... one more giveaway coming!

I'm off to wander, aimlessly, through my messy studio once again... I've got ideas for the Thomas Knauer baby quilt...


  1. That felting machine looks like great fun! I predict lovely things are coming.

  2. well, I just bought wool yardage at the thrift shop and felted it yesterday. I'm going to make up some packages for friends, so you're on the list. I'd like to try needle felting, but I'd have to buy the hand tools, since there's no room for another machine in my house.

  3. My Color Challenge blocks are up on my wall, too. I know what I want to do, but the day's over before I get to it.... And you just reminded me about the TK baby quilt I promised to make.... And I just started another new quilt. I need HELP!!!

  4. Send me your snail mail address and I would be glad to send you some wool. I have a tubful, and am happy to share.

  5. Congratulations to the winners! I understand the distracted part. I'm there. I need to "focus little grasshopper"!!!

  6. Ahhh felting, are you thinking clothing or quilting?

    Darn tomato thieves.....I've got all kinds up here, chipmunks, groundhogs, turkeys and why do the squirrels like to knock them off the plants?

    Happy sewing

  7. i have wool V...let me know if you are still in need...lots of bits and pieces...

  8. I love the vintage quilts! I collect tops and blocks for years! Here is a link to a quilt I made my late grandfather in 1995 form a set of vintage blocks. They were horribly out of square and I was very inexperienced. I hand quilted it. The heart covers a seam issue. Thought you might like the orange. For some reason I bought yards of it and the blue. I put it in a couple of donation quilts recently and finally stuck the rest in giveaway box. It was the fabric that never ended. LOL.

  9. That "ugly" quilt is really something! What a find!

    I played with a felting machine once. Totally fun. Should have bought it back then. It was a great deal.....

  10. Victoria,
    I have wool and would definitely be willing to share. Let me know how to get it to you (and color preferences, if any).


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