Friday, July 20, 2012

Allrighty then... here we go again....

Been having Computer issues today... so You may need to reload your page if the images are not loading... I've lost a few things etc... It's been a frantic last day before a trip! My dog had a scuffle with a raccoon...Lost three teeth...$,$$$... Computers down... credit card stolen... etc etc. etc.....

one last try...
Wrapping stuff up~
I'm heading off tomorrow, so I've been trying to get as much done as possible before I'm gone for a month running all over the place...  The kids quilt is nearly done! Just putting on the final border!

I had to whip up some jammies... One must have classy jammies you know...  LOL..
Are these classy??

 Mother has caught the 15 minutes bug... I catch her down in the studio sewing away, Looking good!

My best friend's Birthday is Sunday, so we are bringing along her gift... Boo embroidered their last name Initial, so that I could make it into a table top rummer thing-a-ma-job... 
 Didn't she do great?  She's been stitching like crazy lately... 

She even has a Sashiko project going that she works on every day... I'm super impressed! Thank you Helen for introducing her to it!


  1. A raccoon? We just picked Chloe the Smelly Basset up from surgery to have a canine and another tooth removed due to a Epirus tumor in the socket. They also took some bone from her nose so she had arose job too!

    So I understand vet bills. A raccoon would have been more fun!!!!


  2. Can you make a pair of PJ's in size 6? Please? Same fabrics, I love it. No need to laugh.

  3. Sorry to hear about the frantic day, CC, and poor puppy! Borders on the kids quilt is wonderful. Your mother and Boo are professionals with their stitches.

  4. What a terrific job Boo has done. I am most impressed. Love those classy jammies. Must make some for meself.
    CONGRATS on the acceptance into Houston. That is colossal. I am so happy for all y'all.
    Safe travels and have a blast.

  5. Yay! For the entries that got in. So sorry about the computer ,the dog,credit card,etc. Boo did a great job on the embroidery. I can remember when I was her age embroidering away on my Jeans all summer-and I still love stitchery. Have a great trip things can only get better

  6. Oops, almost forgot to say- Love making new jammies!! Those will be classy enough;)

  7. Sounds like you've been having quite the day. Hope the puppy is resting comfortably and on the mend. Have great travels, be safe!

  8. Wow...Boo did GREAT! And you certainly deserve a GET AWAY...quick run fast before any more 'episodes' - and so sorry for your sweet pup and that nasty raccoon (3 teeth...your pups and NOT yours, right?)...and yikes a stolen CC to boot...I'm impressed you had time/energy/sanity to post! Now just run away and have a WONDERFUL TIME!

  9. Sounds like you need to slow down a bit! Always enjoy your blog though.

  10. I sure hope today is better than yesterday. Have a fun trip. Boo is quite a talent.

  11. Safe travel, Victoria, and congratulations on the great quilt show news!

  12. Wowee, what a bad day you had, and what a talent your daughter is becoming. Please tell Boo that her stitches are exquisite! Have a wonderful trip!

  13. ugh - poor puppy and you! love that fabric in your pj's - they will indeed be classy. bon voyage!

  14. Have a great trip! If Boo likes sashiko, I found a great kit online that turns into either a bag or half-apron. I used white and aqua yarn. The apron was a little too short for me but would be great for someone Boo-sized!

  15. Awesome. Sorry you're having an extra rough time getting ready to go away! That always sucks. Great eye candy here! Have a great trip!


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