Friday, June 8, 2012

Ruler Winner

Boo has two hours of school today... Will she be able to go?  Waiting to see if she has a big fever again this morning... She missed the class party last night, sadly, and will be really bummed if she misses the "MOVING UP" ceremony today. (Turning my 6th grader into a 7th grader!)  

Studio is all packed, hoping I have room for the dogs in the car! This picture is deceiving... There are 7 HUGE buns four suitcases,plus all the other stuff in   SPACE BAGS! (brilliant)

Can't wait to get to my house. I've had my limit of NYC for a few months...Time for some grass between my toes!  


Congrats LM!

All the details are listed at the SLMQG click link.

Join int he the challenge! There are a lot of "category" sizes and prizes!!  
Now, Go play with your Dresdens!

I must go gas up my car!


  1. Here's hoping Boo makes it to her ceremony and that you have a safe drive. You are going to look like a rather upscale "Clampett" on the move with all that gear!

  2. Tell Boo congrats for making it to the Seventh grade... That's big!

    Looks like you have enough to keep you busy at the house...LOL! Don't forget the dogs...LOL!

  3. I sure hope Boo feels better, not fun being sick on the last day of school. I did that in high school, stepped on a rusty nail, duh. But, I wasn't staying home, so grabbed some crutches and hobbled in;)


  4. Got my fingers crossed for Boo. It's tough to miss the fun when she worked so hard all year. Give her a hearty squeeze and congratulations from me. Enjoy the country!

  5. Congrats to Boo, whether she makes it today or not. She will still be a 7th grader. How fast they grow up, eh? Now go get some grass to tickle those toes. xo

  6. Have a great time. Your doggie is so cute! You got packed!


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