Friday, June 22, 2012

Playing with goodies

I set about putting some borders on the big vintage star right away. The star was not laying perfectly flat, but I am pretty sure I can get it flat when I quilt it. the waves are pretty minor compared to some vintage ones I have. I have several of these stars that I have found in antique stores, that were hand sewn and  probably never got finished because they didn't lay perfectly flat.    This one is just so pretty with the red and white and  great prints...  I had to have it just for me!  How could I not for $9.50

I am putting a red and white bias binding on the quilt too. I hope to get it basted today... Although I have a huge quilt I am quilting today, and my saying that is probably just a easy way to distract myself from working on it! 
I'm sure none of you ever do that.  right?

Well, I did stitch in the ditch on it, and now I am ready to do some fun quilting on this quilt below.

Mom is settling in, and learning some sewing tricks of her own!  She's been a big help this week. Thanks Mom!

And lastly, my other road trip purchase. 36 BOW TIE blocks from the late 1800's. Hand pieced and SOOO darn cute.  I loved the green setting fabric, the one cheddar block, the one red block, the dark stripe block... haha! I think I love them all. All perfectly sewn, and all the same size. I can't imagine why these were never finished, Other then perhaps she ran out of fabric. A few of the blocks have pieced green strips sewn together so she could finish making a few blocks. All hand sewn perfectly, seams pressed open... gorgeous work.


  1. What a gorgeous can make it work for you Victoria!! I just know it;)

    Enjoy your mommy!

  2. What fun to sew with Mom. Your fabric for your star really makes the star pop in the center. Totally awesome bow tie blocks.

  3. I know you and your mom will have a wonderful day!

  4. Love the fabric you used for the lone star! What a bold choice. I wish I could make those types of choices instead of going the safe route! My dad's girlfriend had a lone star pieced by her great grandmother, grandmother and mother. It was made with those dirty solid colors - peach, green, yellow. It already had white between the points so I fixed those up a bit - nothing layed flat so I tried to take out some of the fullness. I put a yellow border and then a white border and quilted the heck out of it. I did get the extra fabric worked in and I was very happy with the results of saving it. I can't wait to see yours done. You help me to look at vintage blocks in a differnt light and I want to thank you for that!

  5. Victoria,

    I was wondering if you have a long arm machine or if you always use your small machine to quilt. I am thinking about buying one, but not sure if I really need to spend the money on one.

  6. I am so in love with bow ties and these are not like any I have seen....identical twin ties.

  7. It is so nice that you can work with your mom. I love the bow tie quilt, what a wonderful find. We were out on the Ct coast yesterday and sitting on a little island and enjoying the views of Block and Long Island.


  8. That is a beautiful star! I think I will need to start scouring thrift stores to see what I can find. I love that red fabric you chose to go with it!

  9. Oh fast work! The star looks wonderful. Have fun with the Mum! Ox

  10. Such a pretty star, and your setting fabric is perfect to show it off. Wonderful that you are rescuing these unfinished beauties and giving them a new life!

  11. I love the red choice for the star - it makes what might have been a difficult match - glorious!
    The bowties are cute as heck!
    I can't wait to go to some tag sales and flea markets and see what i can find!!!!
    Have a great weekend - the heat is finally breaking!

  12. be still my heart!!!! will you applique in the red.. I can see HUGE flowers...

    I should show you my 'wanted to make it into a shower curtain but never had the time' find at a show... i bought it for the red/white stripe! Gregg's mom and her group quilted it for me a long time ago.

    mmm.. wonder where that is?

  13. What amazing finds!

    Happy sewing


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