Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Bouquet of Roses in Sunlight

One fast and easy,  color study, quilt, done!  I was going for Full size and it ended up Queen size. Oh well! My goal was to not use ANY red, focus on a blend of black and white, with Gold/yellows and Pink.  I took values of each color from light to dark and added I some aqua. I had wanted it to be a darker quilt, but I'm quite happy with it.  It was quick, and fun, and now I will have a new new quilt for my guest room.  ( It was really hard for me NOT to add in red... I just need to say that)

Bouquet of Roses in Sunlight    86" X 93"

I chose this pink/lime print from City Blooms Damask Lime/Pink Kitty Yoshida for Bernartex. I was hoping I had some darker fabric to put on the back, but think this will be a nice happy surprise when you crawl under it.

Quilts should have a nice surprise included in them... Keeps you on your toes, by LOOKING for it... ;-)
Again, as most of my quilts are  named from poems...this quilt is named after:

It seems I left out the fertilest color.... RED! 
read on.

Say that it is a crude effect, black reds,
Pink yellows, orange whites, too much as they are
To be anything else in the sunlight of the room,
Too much as they are to be changed by metaphor,
Too actual, things that in being real
Make any imaginings of them lesser things.
And yet this effect is a consequence of the way
We feel and, therefore, is not real, except
In our sense of it, our sense of the fertilest red,
Of yellow as first color and of white,
In which the sense lies still, as a man lies,
Enormous, in a completing of his truth.
Our sense of these things changes and they change,
Not as in metaphor, but in our sense
Of them.  So sense exceeds all metaphor.
It exceeds the heavy changes of the light.
It is like a flow of meanings with no speech
And of as many meanings as of men.
We are two that use these roses as we are,
In seeing them.  This is what makes them seem
So far beyond the rhetorician’s touch.
Bouquet of Roses in Sunlight 
Wallace Stevens
From The Auroras of Autumn


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  1. I love string quilts, also the ones without red:)
    I signed up for a string blog, but rarely find time to work on them. I really want to though, but more urgent things keeps coming up. I have a drawer with old neutrals that I'll be cutting into strings but i never get around to the cutting. When you have the strings it's fun stitching them together.

  2. The quilt is just perfect... red makes it that way!!

  3. Wow, you were speedy! Gorgeous quilt and gorgeous quilt name! xo

  4. what a nice quilt, I love red and didn't even notice it wasn't in there!

  5. This quilt is beautiful! I like scrap quilts because the fabrics in them sometimes tell a story and are full of memories. I need to make one of these string scrap quilts!

  6. It looks like some reds were in the quilt but I'm thinking they are deep fushia/pinks? I love the acqua that shines through. Very cool color study quilt!

  7. A red by any other name . . .
    This is beautiful. Thanks for the poem. I think I'll go out into the garden and pick a bouquet of the first roses blooming when it stops raining.

  8. Just wondering if you are the Victoria who was interviewed on Radio Lab a few weeks ago. I listened to that podcast yesterday and really enjoyed it!

  9. love the quilt - I'm glad it turned out just the way it did. I swear I see red in there!


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