Thursday, May 10, 2012

"Scrapping it Up" complete

"Scrapping it Up"  54" X 57"
They say,  if you throw a stone in Minnesota you will hit a lake... 
you know, the whole 10,000 lakes thing, right?   
Well, I can safely say, if you throw a stone in Alabama, you break a Church window! 
 The common theme where I am from is every town
 has a church and a bar...I was rather surprised that every other building in
 Alabama was a church! I've never seen so many Churches in my life!

I loved it!  I wish I had counted how many I had seen!  
How do they fill all of them?  There seemed to be more churches then houses!  

Why am I telling you this?  Because as I sat down to quilt this, 
I had thoughts of doing a bunch of funky straight line quilting.  
I started doing so, and quickly realized I was struggling with the quilt.   

I used Aurifil GR 30 MT 1300 cotton thread.

The  space of JOY I was in when I created the top, was not going into the quilting... 
So I stopped. 
I sat there, and thought about the experience. How the Pettways just sat right 
down and start quilting, and breaking into gospel songs...

That is what I wanted in this quilt.

So I began with my walking foot in the lower right hand corner doing Baptist Fans.  
Seems fitting!

Then I realized the curved lines were much to perfect. 
I really wanted to keep the vibe of my expereince in this quilt so I thought,

"Can I free motion Baptist fans?"

I must be crazy.

It will either be a mess or I may learn a thing or two...

I went with the "learning a thing or two."

I left the raw fringe edges of the linen through out the quilt for texture. 

Is it perfect?  
It's not a mess either!  Wahoo!

Did I wing it, 
and learn more about controlling my quilt under the freemotion foot?  

Did it stay in the spirit in which it was made?
Yes indeed!

Do I love it?

You Betcha!


  1. I've been rolling the idea of freehanding a Baptist fan on one of my quilts, but haven't known where to start. I usually go from the center out. Did you have problems with shift when you started in the lower right?

  2. From over here it looks great I guess you learned a thing or two....

  3. Beautiful! Especially the last photo, by your sewing machine. I love the juxtaposition of the "old" quilting with the more modern piecing.

  4. It is breathtaking...I love it!

  5. I love it too, great quilting and so fitting!

  6. Love it - looks like stained glass windows. Perfect that you used fans, we used to have a box of paper fans in our church for hot summer days. :)

  7. You nailed it, woman! Baptist Fans totally sums up the feel of (and the meaning behind) the quilt!


  8. The quilting perfectly suits it!! Lovely! Since doing the QAL with Leah Day, I find that I don't use my walking foot like I used to and opt for doing it the FMQ way.....really like the freedom/flow in that! I use the next newer model Juki and love it for FMQ!!!!! Thanks for sharing your Alabama true!!

  9. It's wonderful...the quilt and the process!

  10. Ha ha... I got a good laugh about the "churches in Alabama" thing. It is so true.

  11. AMEN!

    Happy Sewing, hey ya wanna sell some of that mojo?

  12. It's gorgeous! I love the quilting.

  13. I love it too!! You are such an inspiration to me - thanks for sharing your journey.

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  15. The fans work great. It gives the quilt a homey feel that straight lines would not have. Looks more "honest" this way, I think. Kudos for going for it!

  16. It is so beautiful. Love the quilting. Hugs

  17. The fans are perfect! Gorgeous finish!!

  18. OH VICTORIA! You nailed it girl! Absolutely perfectly.

  19. It's wonderful. I love the curve of the quilting it really adds so much to the quilt.

  20. What an authentic rendering of a deeply felt experience!

  21. ...wonder why it's a "Baptist" fan? I missed all the churches from laughing too hard in the back seat of Mary's car, but the quilt is lovely...just like you. xo

  22. The quilt is so simple and honest. I really like that you left the fringes on some of the linen pieces. The thought and inspiration and then the result of using the Baptist fans for quilting is perfect!! Great finish!

  23. It is gorgeous Victoria! I wish I could do my quilting like that, I put mine under my machine and just sit there for ages waiting for inspiration of how to quilt it!! It never comes unless I've had a glass of wine!!! LOL!!! :-)
    Love your quilt and blog,

  24. Just stunning and the fans quilting is perfect for this quilt!

  25. I really do love this quilt. Thanks for sharing your process -- both piecing & quilting -- with us.

  26. FREAKIN GORGEOUS! Your freehand fans are the perfect choice for this quilt. I love this quilt! It makes me want to make a white quilt.....oh wait, I am making a white quilt right now!

  27. You rock - your quilt making, your quilting and YOU!

  28. I love the texture that is created by your free motion baptist fans. Too often we get "hung up" on the concept of perfectly spaced curves and miss out on the surprise effects of free stitching.

  29. I love the effect and it's just the right thing. could you explain in another post the path you took in moving from one fan to the next? even just a drawing with arrows would help me figure it out. thanks.


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