Monday, April 30, 2012

Scrapping It Up

"Scrapping it Up" quilt top    57" x 60"

Top done.  This morning I was putting some fabrics together to finish the borders on the "Scrapping It Up" top that I made at the Gee's Bend workshop. I had been using Jeans scraps from Barbara's trash bin and was in a rush to finish this at the time.  I wanted to keep that same feeling going in the borders, and I started out making some"FABRIC" but it was getting to complicated. So I started over by just grabbing and sewing pieces together. 
If I ran out length before I got to the edge, I grabbed another scrap and extended it, not really looking at what it would be in the end. Go with your GUT! This is indeed another quilt for my "Intuition" quilts series.  There is so much to be learned from spontaneity.

What I like here is the weight of the bottom red line, which sits nicely with the beige and pink rectangles in the TOP border.
Also the Bright white in the Left side, it's brightness balances the the boldness of the right.

It's very peaceful to me.  I enjoy the calm vibe, and hope I can carry that feeling with me the rest of the day.

Now to find a interesting backing...  Is plain Muslin interesting enough... We will see.

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  1. Beautiful piece and love the light shades in it. I need to decide what to do with my pile of jeans, they are heavy weight, so will stick with jeans and mix in some cords and matching weights.


  2. Love the way this turned out! Please post again when it is finished. After the last scrap piece I made, I am beginning to want to work just from the scrap bin and forget about having a stash of yardage.

  3. Hey - I was lucky enough to see that center in person!! And I love how you bordered it! I might just go with the muslin for the back.

  4. Perfect, just perfect. Can't wait to see what you use for the back. Love it

  5. I love the spontinaeity of this piece!

  6. I can't quit chuckling over the "clam vibe" you got while working on this quilt. I'm sorry. It just tickled my funny bone. Hmmmm.....plain muslin for the backing. I can't picture you choosing plain muslin for an "interesting" background. :-)

  7. This quilt does have a very different vibe to it, I like it. Can't wait to see what magic you work with the quilting, lots of open spaces....

  8. CALM! sheesh... I can't type.. of course spell check didn't find that WRONG! ;-)

  9. I love this piece, particulary how you have mixed whites and beige, it creates so much visual energy!

  10. The line of red on the bottom brings my eye right into the quilt,where it follows the bits of red in a wonderful dance throughout the quilt. I am not ordinarily drawn to light quilts, but I find the contrast between the whites and pastels quite inviting. You are so right about it being calm. But it also has a hint of excitement to come. Wonderful quilt.

  11. And to think, it all started in my trash bin! So happy to have contributed to this great top. The black jeans from Armani Soho in 1995 were my favs. Looking forward to the finished quilt.

  12. Awesome. you gys give me inspiration!!!!



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