Sunday, April 15, 2012

EMPIRE and Gee's Bend

 Friend, Rayna Gillman , was speaking at the Empire quilters meeting on Saturday, so I had to head down and support my fellow quilter and Mod member...  She talked about her journey as a quilter,  from being traditional (years ago) and how she "freed" her self up...  You may have seen her new book:

It was nice to see a whole bunch of her quilts at once!  Check out her book...
I was honored to have a few quilts in there... ;-)

Having a good chuckle... Aren't we angels? ( I believe is what we were laughing at...) LOL! NOT!

I picked up this fabric below from Marcia Murphy, who was vending at Empire, this particular piece was made by Val Zeman. I could have spent a lot more $$... gorgeous stuff... I see a really amazing Xmas quilt in my future, using this!!! I do not know if you can buy from her online. I don't have a website for her. Some of you from Long Island may know? Visit Marcia's blog:

I am gathering my suitcases for a week in a Gee's Bend workshop in Alabama this week! 
I needed a new wrap to take a long, so I made this asymmetrical wrap last Thursday and quickly went to town embellishing it with reverse applique....(no pattern for the wrap, I made it up...)
 You've seen the Alabama Stitch books right?
Alabama Stitch books by Natalie Chanin?  Gorgeous stuff.  I've had the book for 5 years and never did anything with it.Then I saw her NEW book, and well, I knew I had to give it a go on this project. I want to do the whole top... We'll see... It's my WEAR and SEW project.  I can wear it now, and just keep adding to it as I like! I've been making up the designs as I go!

I've been sewing on it as I wear it and I leave my needle stuck in it somewhere, because, Hey! Ya never know when you'll have some stitching time!  It goes very quickly through the two layers of Cotton T-Shirt knit I used.  I sew my design first, making it up as I go, then went back and trimmed away inside my stitching...  Check out her books, there so much fun.

I leave Monday morning with Kim, to fly to Nashville, only to then Drive down to Alabama, to play with the Gee's bend Quilters,  with Nifty, Bonnie, Mary, and Tina , we will all meet up and have some serious "sewing GIRL" time.... Oh my... I'm so excited... I must go pack!

Have a great week! Pics later!

If you haven't yet joined in on the COLOR challenge at 15minutes play, you must go check it out... 
A new color is announced each Wednesday... and we're having loads of fun!


  1. Where can I buy fabric from Marcia Murphy??

  2. Love the wrap, just fabulous! Have a great time with the Gees Bend quilters

  3. Do the raw edges of your wear and stitchproject get turned under? How do you keep them from snagging, running, fraying, etc.?

  4. It's t-shirt knit so you don't have to do anything to the edges.. it doesn't fray it just curls a bit, that's it. Go with the nature of it... ;-)

  5. Funny the Alabama books are warming my shelves too. Your beautiful wrap may inspire me to do more than read them... Your "sew as you wear" concept is a novel one but be careful where you park that needle. Love Rayna's "Free-Form Quilts" too. As for Gee's Bend... WOW...Can't wait to see what comes out of this trip from all of you!!!

  6. All of those books are fabulous, I pull out the Alabama Studio ones from time to time and dream about making a whole wardrobe of stuff, but have only partially completed one hat. The new AS book is especially splendid.

    Have a great time at the workshop, sounds wonderful.

  7. So you know, you have been a busy little quilter as of late... not that it is any different than any other day. I will be with all of you in spirit this week. Sad, I am not going to be there with you all. Have a great time and take lots of pics!!

  8. If quilts were clothes I might get more work done on some UFOs! The workshop in Alabama sounds fun and exciting. Can't wait for you to share.

  9. I didn't know you could go to a workshop with the Gee's Bend Quilters. That sounds like a wonderful experience! Have a great time!

  10. Hi, Victoria. As always, an interesting, action-packed post! Also enjoyed seeing Gwen Marston's quilts. Enjoy Gee's Bend--I'm looking forward to getting a full account in person from Bonnie Hull!

  11. Have a stupendously awesome time!! I know you will. And please share when you get back home.
    (I'm trying hard not to be jealous (not an attractive trait), let's just say I'm envious (slightly less unattractive). :)


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