Saturday, March 31, 2012

NYC MOD meeting

Today was our MOD meeting, and what A nice day it was! There is nothing better then sitting around chatting with quilt-y friends and seeing "show and tell" for a few hours on a dreary Saturday!  We ended our meeting with a QSOS interview.  

 John interviewed Helen ( aka my quilt mom) and it was a real pleasure hearing her talk about her quilts.

Helen is a real joy in my life... My mother has met her, and will frequently asks how my "Quilt Mom" is... ;-) Helen has a very generous soul,and for her kindness, I made and delivered to her by complete surprise this quilt that I finished on Friday!

Helen brought in her first gifted quilt... This quilt was made for her as a small child. 
What a fabulous item to have...

Many of us brought in wonky log cabins to raffle off.  They all went home with on lucky person!

This beauty was made by Andrea... great color and fabulous choice of fabrics!

Margaret had her 15minute Lilies quilt to show off before it flies off to her swap partner!

Greer showed us a quilt she found in a Flea market in Mississippi It was really lovely!! We we're all jealous...  She had searched up many of the names on the quilt and found out a lot of information online about it.

Hayden, new to the group, showed us her very first quilt!! (That she is still finishing!!)
Love those Batiks!

Brian, new to the group, showed 
us a baby quilt he has made for one of THREE new grandchildren!
Very nicely done!

Jacqui had this lovely small piece  to show us... love those Marcia Derse fabrics!!

Mandy made this quilt for a friend... 
I think I'd have a hard time parting with those gorgeous colors!

It was a fun day!!

Then I got this really sweet birthday gift in the mail, for my business cards....
Helen wasn't the only one with a surprise today!  ;-)

Thank you Jackie!!! I love it!  
(She says pulling out her business cards out of her back jeans pocket...)

Hope you enjoy the show and tell pics!
 Check the blog in a day or so for more pics!

What are you working on this weekend?


  1. I so wish I could have come today! I would have loved to hear Helen's story! Was she surprised with the lovely, lovely quilt you made her? Helen is truly everything you described and more! She is a true gem! I am totally in love with Andrea's quit too. Gorgeous!! Oh and Mandy's love love love the hot hot hot colors!! Yay!! I am so glad that you now don't have to pull your business cards out of your back pocket!! They look great in there. Big, big hugs to you! You know when I am not there, I am there in spirit! ;)

  2. That was one great quilt show!!!
    Thank you for letting me be part of it too - even from afar and way later!!

  3. Looks like a really fun time - what a diverse group. I am working on finishing a sample piece I made in 2004 at a workshop with Roberta Horton!! I found it the other day and finally decided how I wanted to finish it. It's a little wild for me - I thought of you LOL!!

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  5. Looks like a great meeting! Sorry I wasn't able to be there, but I so love seeing all the quilts and happy faces.

  6. I was truly surprised by Victoria's quilt....a few tears of joy preceded the photo....then I cuddled up in it several hours later. It is just gorgeous as is my adopted daughter!!! "Thank you" seems too inadequate to describe my day.

  7. I love show-n-tell too. Looks like a great group.

  8. Oh. My. Goodness. I love that red quilt of Mandy's!!!!!


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