Thursday, March 1, 2012

AURIFIL Designer of the Month: MARCH

Have you checked out the Aurifil Designer of the Month Blog yet?  The MARCH BLOCK is up, and guess what? It's me!  You can hop over there to download the "Spring if We're LUCKY" pattern. 

I was feeling a bit girlie girl when I put this pillow together. Ruffles and flowers, pinks and greens, oh my! I added some other little panels of flowers in the patchwork around the outside...Now I just need to find a good home for it... For some sweet wee girl... 

Stitching is something that I have been doing more and more of, and incorporating elements of embroidery into my quilts.  I've found, since I put away my paints and paint brushes to quilt full time, that drawing little doodles for embroideries have been keeping me connected to my fine art background.  

A while back I was inspired by some embroidered dresser scarves of birds that my grandmother made.  I drew up a few of my own "BIRDS of PARADISE" and with the help of my mother, (she made a few of these pieced blocks a year ago when I taught her to foundation sew) I put this top together to show them off!  It truly is a Family inspired project!

Hop over to say hi to PAT at the Aurifil site... 

Thanks for stopping by! 
I'm off to doodle a few more designs!

Do you Embroider? 

Are you new to stitching? 
Or well seasoned stitcher?


  1. Thank you for being The March Designer of the Month! Your project is wonderful and I'm itchin to stitch it!

  2. Your birds are lovely. Great idea to share them this way!

  3. Beautiful designs! I used to spend hours doing embroidery and counted cross-stitch. Then my eyes rebelled. Now, I have better lights and am getting interested in embroidery again.

  4. The quilt turned out just beautifully! Nice to see it complete and you know how I just adored those birds!

  5. Your pillow is delightful! I have Irish roots and must make this little shamrock. :-) And yes,........I love to embroider. Have been doing it since I was a kid. Taught by my mother who was taught by two neighbor girls in the 30's and 40's. :-) Your birds are lovely and remind me of some I've seen in old patterns. I have a whole stash of embroidery patterns from my mother and the aunt who raised her. I'm so glad to see that embroidery, like knitting and crochet, are enjoying a revival!!!

  6. The pillow is fabulous! LOVE it! And the birds ... oh, my -- you know how I feel about them!

  7. I saw the shamrock on Pat Sloan's web site and I was so impressed with it... I also can't get over this site... such beautiful work...

  8. Beautiful.

    My Mom taught me to embroider when I was a little girl. I hated it. With a house full of brothers needle work was less than inspiring. Then I grew up and needed something to do to unwind from the work day. Fell in love with fancy needle work. Enter three little boys and needle work fell to the wayside again.

    I'm just now thinking about it again....and thinking that it should be in a few of my quilts.

  9. I love your pillow design and the birds quilt is amazing! I love to embroider and have added it to many of my quilts. My grandmother and her sister embroidered many pillow cases and then made lace for the edges. I wish I'd learned the lace making part, but they taught me embroidery.


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