Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pondering my wall

I was digging through my scrap bags the other day, and  decided to play with a new block...
All these little seams were a nightmare, but each section got a bit easier, It's far from perfect, but I am happy that I gave it a go, and know that, now that I conquered ONE block, the others may be easier...
I sewn off two points in the middle... Maybe the next one I can get them right... We'll see! 

It's quite fun don't you think?  
I tried very hard to NOT think about what fabrics were going where... Sometimes I look at old quilts, and wonder why on earth they picked the colors they did... How is it that they seam to have not thought about color placement or subconsciously put like colors with like colors... Those are the quirky quilts I am always drawn too.  So, this was my experiment focusing on not focusing! ;-)

This is my design wall this week...We have our MOD guild meeting Saturday, the lower right hand corner are blocks from this meetings challenge. We're using Cherrywood fabrics, and a layout of light to dark on the diagonal.. I can't wait to see the rest of the blocks and play with them to see what they will do with each other...  

I'm liking that star block on point... maybe I can make something fun out of that one block less than perfect block after all!

Ready to sew another bobbin of HST's... pieces are cut and laying here ready to go.. this quilt is growing faster then I thought it would...  my little ENOUGH quilt, (a modern8create challenge) seems out of place here... Can never have ENOUGH HST's.  ;-) 

What is on your wall today?

What do you do with a block that is less then perfect? Use it anyway? 
Throw it into the scrap bin? Orphan block pile?


  1. You have the best walls! Love the lime with the star. Practice/orphan blocks go in a pile for a future kitchen sink quilt. :o)

  2. I luvvvvvvvvvvv your star! Are those little folk art baskets yours too?? so so sweet..

    my wall has a fabric hanging on it for a border for a quilt .. just the border... ha!

    nothing new will be up there until Feb 10 when i return home!

  3. I've been playing with stars too -- although mine are six pointed. Lots of bulky intersections, but I'm trying not to be daunted by Y seams. yours looks great. I like the varying size of diamonds in it.

  4. it depends on how bad the block is. If it's really off-kilter, it goes in the scrap bin to be cut up for later projects (if it even survives that). If it's not so bad, I work it in.

    Right now I'm working on smaller stuff to get back into the swing of things.

  5. Perfect? I don't understand the question.-)
    Depending on how much the mistakes bug me, I will use it as it is, or try to fix it up a bit. I have to say that perfect is usually not the main goal for me; it will put too much pressure on my process and I'd rather enjoy it. When it comes to quilts that will be exhibited, well that's another story...

  6. Orphan block pile is where mine go and goodness knows I have a large group of them......one day they'll make a scrappy quilt.
    I'm enjoying your experimentation :0).
    No, you can never have enough HST....any size will do :0)

    Happy Sewing

  7. What an inspiring wall! Use the star as it is! The green is great. Have been making stars too more specifically one big Lone Star surrounded by lots of smaller ones. Love your "enough" quilt too although so far in 2012 mine might read more like "enough already"...

  8. i use my "less than perfects", they never show up in a finished quilt...and if it does, I love the quirkiness of it! A less than perfect reminds me to do better as I go along, so they are also a teaching tool.

    : )

  9. Someone once told me her quilts were like her husband perfect with lots and lots of character. Your star block is perfect, I love it's character. All the HST are looking great. And your little Enough quilt is fabulous!

  10. Confession: I have been known to "fix" a tiny off stitch place with a permanent marker in the exact color. What will you think of me now!

  11. My husband regularly reminds me that only God is perfect. I try not to lose my points and match the corners, but it doesn't always happen. I usually still use the block. If I really like the block, like your triangles galore, I keep making it hoping to improve each time. After all, it is in the process that I have the most fun, and if it comes out nearly perfect, that is just a bonus. If I was interested in entering juried shows, I might have a different way of looking at it.

  12. I have my starry nine patch on my design wall Over on the left I have about a dozen blocks I have made that I really like. If blocks dont turn out I put them in a drawer! The drawer is plenty full. I wouldn't say that many of my blocks are perfect.

  13. I like your star block, lotsa. I am usually satisfied with the "level of perfection" ,hahaha, in my piecing. Most blocks don't turn out perfect, but they are made with love. Maybe my attitude stems from the fact that the blocks in the one and only quilt I have made by my Grandma Grace are not perfect, the colors don't really go together, and the background fabric isn't a color I really liked when it was given to me. It is a life lesson to me, if it was good enough for grandma it is good enough for me. Also, I don't love it less for any of the reasons I have stated above. It still causes me to have glimpses of grandma...piecing on her treadle (which I own :o)), hand quilting with her sisters and my aunt, and wearing simple summer dresses made from the fabrics that the scraps represent. To me quilts are love, not perfection.

  14. I use the block anyway. It's something I have never really focused on when I'm creating --the idea of doing so just adds too much pressure and then my hobby isn't fun anymore.

  15. Sometimes you can fix a block. I've come up short on paper pieced blocks and added another piece to create enough seam allowance.... some blocks need creative ironing.... some troubles can be fixed with a resizing, trimming. If the colors are right, it could be useful in another quilt... like a "kitchen sink" quilt. But you knew that.

  16. I either use it anyway, or add it to my Kitchen Sink quilt!

  17. What is annoying is having that one that is not right, set it aside and then keep picking it up and realize, oh that's the one that's off, like 4 times. Now, either I use it anyway or set it totally aside in my actual orphan box so I can't confuse myself! That being said, it does depend on the quilt. I used a bunch of waaaay wonky hst's this week for a border, didn't even square them up or anything and it looks perfect! : )


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