Tuesday, January 3, 2012


COLORS we choose...
What colors are you drawn too? Bright's Lights? Darks?

Everyone brings a different sense of COLOR to their stash.  We buy things we are drawn to for different reasons, experiences in our lives etc, and I often find that I MISS buying some great fabrics!  When I see fabrics in my friends stash that really can get my creative juices pumping I wonder why my own stash doesn't always give me those feelings... Often it does, of course, but sometimes just a scrap of something I've never seen sends me into a creative spin!

So I thought I'd continue to ask my friends some questions about color. I like to ask myself these questions, as I find ASKING brings about KNOWING in myself.  Let's see what we can LEARN from some other Fabulous Quilters on their color choices.

I will being posting interviews of a bunch of different people, to peak inside their color worlds... And see if we can pick up any thing that Inspires us to try new color palettes!

Frankly, I feel, we already know all we need to know about color.  All colors go together, depending on what you mix with them... We are making choices everyday, and we have our "STAND-BYS"  that we always go to. Now what happens if we find out which colors we avoid or don't like, or don't buy, and use that as challenge to make something we might not have ever thought about before?

Hmmm? A little self knowledge might be just the ticker we need to jump start a year of new quilts!

Thursday I will post the first interview with Stephanie from Loft Creations... I hope you find some COLOR INSPIRATION in the next few weeks as I share with you some color info from a variety of quilters.


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