Friday, December 9, 2011

Alliance for American Quilts


Please take a moment to watch our annual report review.

Our Mission

The Alliance for American Quilts (AAQ) is a nonprofit 501c3 organization established in 1993 whose mission is to document, preserve, and share our American quilt heritage by collecting the rich stories that historic and contemporary quilts, and their makers, tell about our nation's diverse peoples and their communities.
In support of this mission, the Alliance brings together quilt makers and designers, the quilt industry, quilt scholars and teachers, and quilt collectors to further the following goals:
  • to promote the understanding of the quilt as an important American grassroots art form
  • to make information about quilts available to a broad public
  • to educate Americans about the importance of documenting quilts and quiltmakers so that their stories will not be lost

    Do you know that you can learn how to do a Q.S.O.S. interview in your area?

    Do you know that the Interviews get transcribed and are given to the Library of Congress?

    Do you have Quilt memorabilia? Like old quilt patterns, block cards, patterns, clippings, books etc, and don't know what to do with them? click here

    Searching for Quilts? do you know about the QUILT INDEX?

    Like Quilt contests? click here and stay tuned for our new contest coming in early 2012.
    (Did you know your Quilts for the contest, that you donate will be put on the Quilt index?)

    Help Save our QUILT HISTORY.

    Victoria Findlay Wolfe, 2011
    -Board Member

    -Have a Fabulous weekend! I'm off to play with SEWING PALS in Vermont!  What are you doing this weekend?  Done your Holiday shopping yet?  A membership to the ALLIANCE would make a great gift!!

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