Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I am SOOO in the giving spirit...  Perhaps it was handing out the sandwiches to homeless last week, or perhaps it's the BASIC'S quilt distribution event coming up on Thursday morning....

We have not reached out goal of 400 by Thanksgiving, but we received 200 in three Months, enough to do a couple rounds of distributions to families who desperately need them.
(have no fear I will keep asking for more quilts!)

Please keep the quilts coming.  You will see on Thursday when I post the pictures of the people who receive the quilts, WHY what you worked so hard to finish, is so important.

Helping others brings joy to me as it does to the ones receiving.  Sharing a gift that I created that stems from such a happy place can only be passed on to the receiver!  It brings me peace and gives me trust in the decency of the people around me.

I can very easily get so busy that I can't focus on what's important. I often reign myself back in to decide if the stress I cause myself, is worth it.  So, by focusing, now, on the holiday, I can see ways that I can make other's smile.

By Sharing.  And Giving.

This is  my BIG THANK YOU to: 

The many of you who sent quilts for BASICS.
Thank you Pat, Mark, Alex, MaryAnn, Beth, Sharon, Shelly, Andie who all went a bit, above and beyond, the call of duty to help support the project.

Those of you who leave lovely comments on my blog.

To my close friends & family who support my whirling dervish, fabric flying ways.

Keeping family and friends in my thoughts this week.  
We've got brain surgery happening right now ( aunt), heart valve surgery coming up(mother) , cancer follow up apts (dear close friends), and memorials this week (dear friend)...    
I'm very grateful for every moment I have with my family and friends.

I'm off to sew another little morsel to give away... Because that is what I can do for today.

What will you do today?


  1. Sounds overwhelming, Victoria. I've had a few months like that myself with people around me dealing with serious health issues. Take good care of yourself!
    as for me, today I'm working on two baby quilts to give away.

  2. Can't wait to see the pictures for the quilt drive! I'm certain they bring such joy to those receiving as well as giving! Very exciting!!!

  3. Giving is so good! Your generous spirit is contagious, and we are all the richer for it. Holding you and your loved ones in my heart today. Sew away!!!

  4. You are such an inspiration to me. Have a blessed day today.

  5. Victoria, You give in so many ways: from sharing your love of quilting and exploring fabric combinations to inviting and challenging us to explore with you with swaps and BOM's, to the actual distribution of " quilting love" to those who need it and so much more. Your spirit shines through it all. Thank you for being YOU.

  6. I won a giveaway of beautiful fabrics, but since it is a giveaway I will pass it on, but it falls about 3 months out in project land. Maybe for next year's giveaway? I will get it done and I will send it. The one I sent this year was another giveaway start. The trapunto squares were free and the rest my sweet hubby bought. One a year is not a bad average for me. I usually only make 12 to 14 quilts a year and I made 2 for charity this year one for BASICS and one for a lighthouse restoration project. I will try to get the vintage quilt done ASAP.

  7. Looking forward to seeing photos of your distribution day!

  8. So beautifully said! Hope my quilts made it to BASICS by now - can't wait to see pictures. Had to change plans and will go home (Germany) instead of NYC. After all: family is first. Thanks so much for everything you do!
    More quilts in the making for next year/ next distribution day.

  9. Your generosity is infectious! Looking forward to your account of distribution day. My Basics quilt is on its way although I'm not sure it will make it for Thursday. Sounds like you have challenging weeks ahead so I hope you find comfort in your family and your sewing...

  10. Have fun on Thursday - we'll all be there cheering you on... 200 quilts is fabulous!! and, yes, we will all make one more (or a few) to help get to the goal...

  11. Victoria you are such an inspiration. Look forward to seeing pics of all those lovely Basics quilts given out. I've already made the first fabric cuts for 2012 charity quilts, and look forward to sending at least one again next year.

  12. so happy to have been able to help ... can't wait to see your posts from giveaway day! I will blog it on Dec 2

  13. You know I have been thinking of you all day! Lots of hugs, good thoughts, and prayers. I hope the migraine is gone and you are no longer sewing in the dark. I am hoping when my Christmas rush dies down, I will get those Basics Quilts to you finally!!


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