Tuesday, November 15, 2011

amazing weather!

The leaves are finally changing here in NYC! We spent the day in Central Park on Sunday climbing, walking and taking pictures... We walked a long way that day, no one wanted tobe in the apartment!
Getting to big for the park?  But not to big for climbing on giant rocks... We walked home through Times Square... all the while I was snapping pictures...
The "Always changing", Times square...  You will always feel like a tourist here, even when you live 4 blocks from it...

Boo was tired of me taking pictures of HER all day,she said she wouldn't go hometil I stood there like a tourist and had my picture taken.... LOL...I figured that was fair... Besides, I  was exhausted. What better way to take a break right?

Got to see my niece... we stopped by the Burda Style Book party... you had to be silly... see more FUN HERE...

Made a new block for a my NEW'BEE quilting bee on 15 minutes... This quilt has been in my mind for about 2 years... No time like the present!pop over and see what's  happening over there...

Saturday I also popped down to the Empire Quilt guild meeting,and picked up there LOVELY English cotton Tafetta... 

Aren't they gorgeous???    What shall become of these!!!


  1. oh my, your daughter is beautiful. really. she looks like a model. forget makeup, too purdy for that. i have a granddaughter the same age, great times and tough times. as always, NYC looks wonderful. v, you are a lucky duck. :>)

  2. Boo sure is growing up and turning into a beautiful young lady. What a fun way to spend the day, loving this weather, can stay all winter;)


  3. Beautiful pictures.
    I would love to visit NYC one of these days!

    Your daughter is so pretty!
    Mary e is right, she could be a model

  4. waving to you!!! I'm trying to catch up with everyone and failing miserably.... so here I am taking a peek at your amazing life! Smooch!

  5. Where did you find those taffeta plaids at Empire? Next time I am going to follow you more closely!

  6. Oh how B grows more beuatiful with every day, and every picture you take! Looks like the perfect day to have been out and about!


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